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Must be nice,when I was 17 I had a 10 speed.
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it is nice even though i constently get bashed because i bought it right after i turned 19 and everyone automatically assumes my parents bought it for me. I had my mom cosign so i could get it but that was all the help i got. I saved up since i saw the concept.
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Get what color you want, its your car. There are people here who absolutely drool over certain colors that I dont like at all. I have a summit white and some people have 3 or 4 colors they would put ahead of it, but in my mind, thats the cleanest and sharpest of all the colors.

If you are still having problems deciding, I guess just go to the dealer and see them in person. Look at examples of colors with certain stripe combinations. I initially wanted Synergy green and the white didnt jump out at me until I saw one w black stripes in person. Every eye and taste is different.
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Originally Posted by Bakir2018 View Post
Aight guys, so I'm 17 years old and my dad and I are going to the chevy dealership TOMORROW to pickup a 2011 Camaro. We went earlier in the week to test drive the car and now the only decision I have to make is what color to choose! The first one is Cyber Gray Metallic. It has the RS package and the 20" polished aluminum wheels. The second one is Black. It also has the RS package but no polished wheels. They are both 2LT models as my dad does not trust me with a V8 and I plan on putting stripes on either car I choose. The only thing is, the Cyber Gray Camaro has been driven by a dealer whose been working there. This means its has mileage on it but they still consider it to be new. My dealer said he will have both cars 100% perfect for me when I go to make my decision but it's still something to consider... The black one still had the plastic on the seats and steering wheel. I still don't know which one to pick, what are your thoughts???
I would go to the dealer. You might be surprised of how well the colors look in person. I was orginially going to get black if not black cyber gray, but then I saw an Inferno Orange with the inferno Orange interior and wanted that. Then one day I saw a Synergy green Camaro. It changed my decision no turning back after I saw it.
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Just have to say.
All colors fit nicely to Camaro, but...

Grey and balck have usually bad way to kill shapes of the car.
One of the best things about Camaro is its shapes and looks.

So I would pick rally yellow or victory red.
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Get the new car, not the "new" car.
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Originally Posted by HopeRidesAlone View Post
i love my black one but yes if you dont like spending 3-4 hours every Saturday morning cleaning it go with the cyber grey which is a good color as well. personally i like cleaning my car its my time away from everyone else so i enjoy it and when you have a nice deep black shine its all worth the time. That just my opinion you cant really go wrong with either one though
Yup, be prepared to clean it. I've always loved black cars, and I don't mind the cleaning most of the time. Just keep in mind that even when dirty, it looks pretty sweet rolling down the road towards someone

But then again, so does the gray! Get the one you want! Both are great colors. Also, I'm interested in how many miles are actually on this "new" Camaro.
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GET THE COLOR YOU WANT. Cyber grey and black were the only two colors I was considering because I love the subtle/stealthy look on sports cars. I originally picked out a cyber grey one with black stripes, but that fell through and I ended up getting a black one and was just as happy at the time. Now that I'm trying to make my car more unique, I'm realizing how hard it is to do anything with a black car. Cyber grey with black accents (wheels, stripes, badges, etc) looks soo sick. Every time I see one now I get a little of that remorse, and you do not want that feeling. Black is soo sexy after a fresh wash, but within a couple days it starts to look really dirty. Don't even get me started on the swirls/scratches. Going black is a commitment if you want to keep it looking good.
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Old 06-04-2011, 02:49 PM   #51
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id say go for the new one! but get the COLOR U WANT! and GIVE IT A WEEK TO CHOOSE UR COLOR! look at the cars in sunlight/non sunlight/evening!

i see my friends black ss at school and sometimes i feel as if i shudve gotten black. BUT i love my cgm too!

i remember 6 months ago when i went wit my parents, i saw the cgm in sunlight and i was so wowed, but sunlight goes away eventually. Honestly im really happy to have the car i want, but smetimes i feel as if i shudve gotten black, but I think I'm just being stupid.
Anyways good luck!

btw if i hav anything wrong wit my grammar, im not really looking to impress anyone wit perfect english LOL
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I wouldn't take the gray one unless they were going to give you a discount for the miles. Ultimately, it is up to you, but I wouldn't pay the same price for a dealer driven as I would for one still in the plastic. Don't you expect a discount if you buy the floor model?
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GO FOR THE BLACK ONE! I would not trust a "dealer-driven" car. Think about it, how would you treat a brand new sports car that you could drive around and not have to pay for...

Go for the one still in the plastic wrapping!!! Cuz if its not brand-new, its used... END OF STORY!
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