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Exclamation TSP Cam & BTR Spring Problems

So currently I'm running the TSP VVT4 camshaft & BTR .660" dual platinum springs,

I've been on this setup for ~8 months & roughly 25,000 miles

Problem I've found is the springs have already started losing their coil bind pressure and I'm losing serious amounts of power because the springs are basically dead (car only trapped 110 for reference, vs my GF's trapping 108 bone stock same day/same track).

I've called BTR & the guy that answered (Note: Not Tooley himself, I'm not bashing BTR in any way I've loved their products thus far) basically blamed it on the TSP camshafts being far too aggressive on lobe design and told me to call him back with the valve spring pressure measurements. Rather than answering my question on perhaps what springs I should run or how long the springs SHOULD of lasted.

I've checked every other avenue and its definitely the springs, cylinder pressure is fine, fuel pressure is fine, no CEL's so there isn't a bad sensor anywhere. No vacuum leaks, no oil pressure loss etc.

Springs are definitely just done,

So my Question is for those running a TSP VVT4 cam, or a similar TSP sized cam (235/239 & .639"/.625"?*), what springs are you running, how long have they lasted, and how's the power holding up?


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Until you actually test the spring itself I don't think you can blame it.
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Bo White

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Also the accepted length of time dual springs last with an aggressive cam is 30k miles. Your about there.
Measure the springs. I bet they are still strong enough.
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10 Silver Bullet
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what Rwhp did that cam make when you first had it installed, curious because I almost bought that cam
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old school chevy rodder
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When I had the 235/239 TSP cam I ran 675 prc springs but the cam lobes changed some and got milder in lift it was .639/.623 lift when I got mine now the lift is less like 627/624 but the other top cam they sell has gained some lift on intake to more like 640... The V VT cam you got I think has .635 lift and well you have to expect to swap out springs eventually as we are in high lift territory. Generally the stiffer the spring the more brittle and less life is part of the equation of hot rodding, but we go very high lift compared to the good old days of flat tappet which was and still is everywhere in hotrodding...cannot miss the most built engine on the plant the chevy 350...LOL they are in every ford at the car shows and auctions..LOL and high lift for one of them our stock cam is extremely insano for a flat tappet.. lol

Good luck, I plan on swapping my springs at 25k but hey I don't do 25k in eight months either. My springs were doing fine until I had a bad over rev and then one day one broke because I had forgotten all about the damn thing and that was at ten on the cam, needless to say now I have a new engine, so think about changing those springs out, I wish I had by god...... AND if you ever get a mild ticking its not a header gasket like on a old chevy...LOL or a exhaust leak most likely its a engine so strong telling you...hey don't remember that over rev months ago? well I bent your pushrods slightly and over stressed the springs...and hey I may last to you get home.....or you may struggle through the first springs braking going WTF trying to get there wondering if a hose fell off the cheap catch can again.( like happened to me before with similar signs)..but you bought new..and Tink...S The bed, F FFFFFF...... And there is a break in for springs heating and cooling..... SO you take care of those springs now yah hear...because a high speed missed down shift and race to the moon does limit their life apparently considerably. And no springs made of any unobtanium I have found going around that will most likely do better than those BTR springs your talking about. I am just running some soft old .650 springs I got from cam motion and a much milder cam waiting for the dust to settle and Pray for Vararam to make the VRX or I may just go sheet metal or FAST.... PS I sold my old cam looking prestine from running driven racing oil, ( I did a break in with br30 also twice), and should have reused it though I had springs in hand for milder cam and it was a case of trying to resell a new cam and springs ....and buying new springs when it was like needed yesterday. And good made in America springs...well you are using them I think and wore them. And your girlfriend driving better than you well....... LOL
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