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Drives: 2014 Camaro 1LT
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I have a 2014 1LT V6...I decided to replace the original battery before it gets too cold out, so I replaced it with a 'Platinum' AGM battery from Advance auto.
It has been running 15 to 15.3 volts almost always [all week] as well as periodically flashing the check engine light. I bought a cheap OBD 2 reader
and I get the following codes ; P1682 Driver 5 / Line 2 and code P2535
Ignition 1 switch circuit high voltage {PCM]
From research one says to replace ignition switch / other says to replace the
PCM/ECM . I'm not sure what I did wrong replacing battery, and I dont want to keep replacing parts. Car was fine until the battery swap. Tried to reset/flash
with battery disconnect and fuse pull..still overcharging.
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15 volts is too high, alternator overcharging will cause all sorts of problems, but voltage is supposed to be PCM controlled. Could be a bad alternator, PCM, etc. but needs a proper diagnostic to be sure. If the problem started immediately after battery installation, you may have connected it incorrectly while trying to put it in?
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15v is not too high for AGM batteries. The vehicle comes stock with an AGM battery and a charging system designed for AGM batteries. 15v or higher would be too much for a standard wet cell battery, but AGM batteries are designed for this. The vehicles charging system also monitors battery state of charge and adjusts voltage accordingly. Your fault codes are not likely related to the battery. A circuit high fault is usually an open circuit. You need a wiring diagram and a digital multimeter to check the circuit in question.
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Drives: 2014 Camaro 1LT
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Location: Burlington,North Carolina
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Charging issue solved

Apparently when I swapped batteries, the computer saw a low voltage and threw codes to alert. Strange the DIC never threw an alert. The voltage was not being regulated as it normally would so it seemed to go into a default mode.and acted as if there was very a weak battery,running full charge mode.
I stopped by the local dealership and they reset the codes and its running all normal ...diagnostics ran good too. Mechanic said he wasnt sure why it did what it did,,,but all is normal. Luckily no charge. huh?
I had a 13 impala with a DIC like the Camaro, over the winter the battery connections grew a beard and I didnt know there was a problem until the alternator brushes bottomed out and took out the battery...$400 bucks plus..
I think the DIC was a little underthought in its design, and by the time your notified of an issue you may only have enough time to get to the next exit on the freeway. Had I kept driving it who know if damages would occur. I guess if you change batteries, use a method to maintain voltage to the PCM. Some cars require it, but I havent heard of camaros needing it. Could have been ugly.
Thanks to you guys who replied !

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Glad you figured it out.
That's the first time I've heard of that happening after a battery swap though.
A free fix too.
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