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Sent back for repair.

Well, ultimately Savini tried and tried but just could not get it right. Kudos to them for trying but the wheels won't hold air, and the finish is coming off in sheets.

The vibration is acceptable but still there.

I hate these wheels.

Thread updated.

Well, After having sent the wheels back a second time. Specifically to get the left front wheel fixed, they came back to me. STILL messed up. Still vibrating. I'm at a complete loss for words. I regret buying these wheels. I wish I had it to do over again. What a freaking nightmare.

Just got back from the shop this morning. There is no need for any more tests or speculation. It's the wheels. RIMS. These guys also drove the car and immediately he said I can feel vibration right now. We were doing about 25mph. And the vibration just got worse like normal.

I was of the belief, or maybe I was in denial, that the steering wheel was not vibrating anymore. He was kind of an a-hole and looked at me and said "Look at the wheel... look at my hand..... can you not see that?"

Of course I could see it but no matter, he told me it would be a waste of time to align it or do any further tests because it was a wheel problem. Either tires or rims.

Well, we got back to the shop and they spun each wheel.

It's the wheels. I'm actually pretty shocked here. I can't believe that Savini has had these back twice and they are still coming to me like this. The left rear is very questionable and after spining it he said he'd have that one replaced but it's not the big problem. He said one of those front wheels is terrible. Well, when they spun the left front wheel, which is the one that Rent and Roll told me to have fixed, and the one that we were sending them back to have fixed, and it is AWEFUL. The guys in the shop were laughing. This thing is still totaly wobbly. The video doesn't do it justice but you can still see how bad it is.

Thank you for your input guys, but it's the wheels. I don't need all that runout GM test and specs to know it's the wheels.

Left Front Wheel

Right Rear Wheel


So I got the wheels back from Savini. Still purdy. hahaha

Had them installed on the car and the vibration is almost completely gone. Still is a slight vibration but small enough I can deal with it as long as it stays like this. From what I understand, this is just what larger wheels sometimes do. Let me please be as clear as I can. This is not just the road on thin tires walls. Just a steady drone. And now it's very subtle.

I can't tell you the attention these things get and do it any justice. It's like this time last year when I was the only 5th Gen on the road here. These things are freaking BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Apperently the vid below is normal with larger rims. So if you buy some, don't freak out if you notice this just eyeballing them.


So to continue to update. Nick at Savini is helping me out. (now SAVINI, here on the forum) Tony (Nine Ball) got me in touch with Nick and Nick has been very helpful.
I sent the wheels back to Savini and they will look at them Friday when they recieve them.

Oh, ya, broke my finger spinning them like a dumass. But here is one of the fronts. This is what both tire shops pointed out to me. I'm a wheel moron so you be the judge.

Ok, maybe not.

As many people know, my wheel saga has taken high and low tones. lol And as Camaro_Corvette so accurately stated “Longest wheel install EEEEVVVVEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRR” haha

So that you guys don’t have to read the whole thread to catch up on anything, I’ll give a basic rundown of events for a summary.
I realized that the GM 21” wheels were gonna cost around 2k to replace with OEM tires unless I squeezed larger sizes on and then I wouldn’t be able to match the fronts and rears. So I asked Nine Ball an idea to sell the ones I had (20” take offs, and later the 21” dildos) and buy some new ones. I was reluctant at first but he made so much sense it wasn’t even funny. I’d save money in the long run anyway. So I placed an order through him. Savini SV-29s, which everyone at the fest saw on my car. I really, really like the wheels. Maybe it’s just my biased opinion but I didn’t see any I liked better on ANY car.
My wheels finally came in on Wednesday, April 7th and I was like
Took the wheels on Friday to get them mounted and balanced (due to pressure from some of you, lol) and they couldn’t put them on due to me not having ordered the right lug nuts. (nobody in Mobile had the right ones) So GTAHVIT got some and sent them to me. So on Tuesday I got the lugs in the mail and went home to put the wheels on the car. Well, I lost the key chuck to the GM 21s and couldn’t get them off.
The next day, Wednesday, I took my car to get the keyed lugs removed at a dealership, and then on to Big Ten tires in Daphne. They did the changeout and OMG!!!!!!!!! BEAUTIFULL
The drive back to the office is only like a block away and can’t really get any speed up. Bumper to bumper. Later that day I had to make a run to the post office and bank. Noticed a vibration. I figured it was a mess-up in balancing. The tire shop was closing so I had to do it the next day. No way I could get away the next day because we were so busy due to taking Friday and Saturday off for the fest so I never could get to the shop. So that left Friday morning. We were supposed to be headed out to the fest right after Bonnie saw a couple clients but I had to get the wheels taken care of and Friday morning discovered the issue. He showed me on the spinner how the rims were hopping. One was worse than the others but it was a problem. He was able to balance them (or try anyway) but the wheels were out of round somehow. I asked the tire guy what I should do. Told him about the fest. He said he would do a 5 point balance and mask the problem and by the time I was on the road it was getting later. I eased it on to the fest. (ended up missing the cruise, :() On the way there, if I ran around 70mph it was just a slight vibration. Any hard accelerating would shake like crazy.
Many of you asked me why I was late for the cruise and why I wasn’t racing my car after Defenderworx was done, and for those of you who didn’t press the issue, now you know. For those of you who wouldn’t let it go, now you have the whole story.
Got back from the fest Sunday, and on Monday took the car to Firestone for a second opinion. Late Sunday night I put the stock 21s on the car and was actually hoping it would still vibrate (I can fix a car issue in a day) but no dice. It ran smooth and clean. Put the Savinis back on so Firestone could drive it and check it out. I was SSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOO hoping Firestone would look at it and ask me if I had a kindergartener balance them. Maybe it was a bad machine in the first shop. Well, he drove the car and came back and confirmed that even for 22 inch rims, it was a definate problem. (this 'Even For 22" Rims' thing has me a little nervous) They showed me, Just as Big Ten did, how the wheels were out of round. He wanted to eliminate it being the tires so he had me pay particular attention how the tire dipped along with the rim when it went up and down. 3 of them did the same thing. One of them much worse than the others. Got a printout of the assessment and dude didn’t even charge me for it. Haha, He felt bad for me.
So basically, I have to send the wheels back to Savini and wait. I like these wheels so much, it actually went through my mind for a moment that I’d just deal with the shaking and keep them. But of course we all know I can’t do that. However, I've heard from no less than 15 people to "Get used to it". Apperently, this is just what 22s do. Now I know you feel the road more, but I don't think you should feel a mechanical vibration in the steering wheel and rear of the car. And then it get really bad when you accelerate hard. Can't be.
Anyway, on Friday morning I PMed Savini and Nine Ball to let them know what was discovered. Nine Ball was eating lunch out of the office and he got the message on his phone and called me right away. He’d let Savini know what was going on. Obviously being Friday morning, it was not for certain anything could get rolling till after the weekend.
So were the wheels damaged during shipping? Not sure, but there is a picture of the boxes just after they came in that I posted the day they came in, in the OP of this thread. I suppose the shipping company could have stacked something really heavy on top of the pallet of boxes and not damaged the sides but just crushed them but who knows.
Talked to Nick @ Savini today and they are gonna have me ship them back and they will fix the problems.
Problem for me is that I sold my stock 20” wheels to Bell040 and fcu678 is getting my 21s in a week or so. So I’ll be up on jack stands after next week till this gets done. I’ll probably just ride with Bonnie and try and not get behind on my off hour stuff. (I hate her music choices ,lol)

So there you have it. I have total confidence that they will fix me up. I’m just dying to get them back and I haven’t even sent them yet. My parents are coming in May 19th for a visit after my moms surgery and my dad was so looking forward to seeing and driving my car. The service guy I spoke to at Savini and Nick said they should be able to turn them around in 48 hrs, whatever, the problem, so hopefully I can get them to Cali. In under a week and get them back in another week.


AAAAAAAND DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SWEET!!!!!!!!!!! Nine Ball rocks. Got my wheels in. Here are a few pics. I'll get them mounted on Monday. If I can wait that long. lol

Ok, so I made a few photoshops of the wheels. Top 2 are the correct color. Bottom are some I chopped from a Lamborghini picture of the same wheels.

Name:  Perfect[1].jpg
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Name:  hfjryth[1].jpg
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2k is just too damn much to spend on tires every year. Considering Bonnies tires can't rotate either, I need to get into a different set up for mine so I can save in the long run.

DO NOT BUY GM 21" WHEELS..........

They are beautiful and I LOVE them, but you will be paying over double evey time you buy tires. No way around it. I messed up bad.

So anyway, I'm gonna sell my 21s and the stock 20s with tires and use that plus the 2k I would have to spend on tires to buy some more wheels. I'm buying them from Nine Ball, but it will be a few months. In the mean time, I want to get some feedback on wheels from you guys. I've pretty much found some I really like, but my mind can be changed.

Nine Ball has a bunch of links to the stuff he sells in his sig. It will have to be from there. He made so much sense it was scary. Basically to lose the ones I have now, I'd save enough to pay for themselves in about 3 years. Sounds good to me. And he's right.

So I decided to spend.

Sivani SV-29s

I plan on doing them like I want. Here are a few I came up with. Keep in mind my car, Black 2SS/RS, IO interior, and my orange hood spears.

Name:  bghjjk.jpg
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Name:  tz6[1].jpg
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Scrappy Doo

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I normally can't stand black wheels. But I like the bottom one on the left. The orange accent is sly.
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As opposed to buying from Savini themselves? I love the SV29's, but it needs a certain look.

of the ones you posted, I vote for the second to last one (orange rivets)
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damn i guess i will need to change rims too... idk. my dad probably would never let me do that. anyway i like 2,3,&7... and i dont really have anything to say about #6... Wow, if you can truly pull those off... uhhh
I GOT MINE! Where's yours? :(
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Camaro SL,UTs
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Keep the 21"!!!
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I like the 1st, and 3rd to last. Let me know when your gonna sell your 21's I might have a buyer for you...
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I played around for over an hour. I found a Camaro photoshopped with them on it. I like the look. Not all that orange but the look on the Camaro.

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Mr. Wyndham
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I think Top Right would tie in the Orange stripes, black paint, and obligatory polished rims VERY well. Better than the rest, imo
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2nd and 3rd one down on the left... B/w those 2 I can't decide... good luck with the decision
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Nine Ball

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Lets see this one, with gloss black lips and an orange pinstripe on the lip edge.

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personally,i like the very bottom wheel.these are some of the best looking wheels that i have will look great,which ever one of these you choose.but you are right about the 21".you can tie a fortune up with them.
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Hey Mindz? Remember this.

I was searching around on Google for more pics and info and was guided to this thread you started. So now you have your answer. lmao
Attached Images

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Originally Posted by coolman View Post
The more I look at them, I would have to say your a dumb ass if you don't go with purple and green.
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Any of the black spoked ones!
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