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Originally Posted by 70T/A400 View Post
The C5 Z06 and the 1LE are very close when it comes to price. It looks like the Z06 has depreciated its full amount, the 1LE has some room left.

Looks are subjective and so is the utility of each, I would think the price to maintain or modify the cars is about the same, price for camshafts, headers, tires etc.

I owned a C5 for 11 years and am now in Camaros. Although the Camaro sits a little higher and is heavier, it feels more solid, easier to get in and out of, don't have to keep an eye out for dead raccoons on the freeway and I swear it can out handle the Corvette stock against stock.

Owning a C5 Z06 is a great car to start with as its engine is not fragile like the C6 Z06 and you have room left to improve the LS6.

Whatever you choose, get one with low miles and has had a good owner.
You really think the 1LE outhandles a z stock for stock? I think the z06 being 700lbs lighter would make a huge difference but is it worth buying something 10+ years older?
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With the C5 Z06 it was developed in 2000. The 5th generation was developed in 2008/9 and the 1LE for 2013. They were made at different times, suspension changes all the time. If you look under a 2013 GMC Sierra and compare it to a 2015 GMC Sierra you will see what I mean. Vastly different control arms and bushings/ball joints.

The 5th Generation Camaro is not limited to 295/35/18 rubber like the C5 and there is much more choices when it comes to tires. The 1LE balances the oversteer and understeer much better than the normal SS due to the changes made (tires, wheels, spring rates, sway bar rates). The C5 is lighter but I enjoy the way the 1LE drives much more.

As for buying something 10 years older, the one argument that can be made is those cars is they are simpler. Automobiles are changing faster with their electronic aids, content, and features faster every year than they ever have. When you look under a new ZL1 and see all of the cooling lines, electronics (suspension, yaw sensors, cameras, impact sensors, and WiFi hot spot) and hardware you realize how complicated they are and who really knows how to fix this when it fails.
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