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Battery replacement

With 6.5 years on the factory battery i figure its gotta be reaching its end life. Only 15K for mileage but the Texas heat usually destroys them fairly quick so it lasting this long is a record for me.

Are the Camaro batteries the same for all models? One recommended more than the others? Red or Yellow top have any advantages? Any special attention to anything while i'm in there? Never even actually looked at it to be honest. Preventative maintenance suggestions are good.
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The Z/28 might have a different battery (stock is over 40lbs and Z guys reported 37 I believe at one point, haven't looked in a while), otherwise to my knowledge no, they're all the same. Mine died almost right at 3 years, easy swap. If you wanted to get fancy though, you could run a Braille B2317 (or B2317RP if the positive is on the right, RP being right positive, I don't remember honestly) which at least one guy did when going for a 12 second N/A LLT. Less than half the weight of a stock battery. 17lbs.
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Go to your local ACDelco store and ask for 94r/pg.
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A deep cycle battery might be a better option if you let the battery discharge all the time.

I'd invest in a battery maintenance charger with pulsating capabilities. I have a Pulse Tech Xtreme maintenance charger/conditioner on mine and it works great. I have it connected to the battery through a rubber plug at the bottom of the trunk.
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You might be surprised how long a battery can last when mounted in the trunk because it is away from the heat of the engine and with the battery protection circuitry to help prevent it from tunning completely down.

I personally would have it load tested and if it passes that check with flying colors I would save the money.

The battery in my wife's BMW lasted 8 years.
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Working at a parts/service store from the edge of hell (Tucson, AZ), batteries under the hood here last 2.5 - 3 years. In the truck 4-6 years. Heat kills batteries. Lighter batteries, smaller batteries, or whatever... just use a battery that has at least the CCA (cold cranking amps) needed for your car and has the terminals in the same location.

Do NOT run a deep cycle battery in your car. They charge much different than automotive batteries. Red, Yellow and Blue tops are gel batteries. They are great when it comes to heat, as they are less susceptible to boiling over. Down here, they last 4-5 years under the hood.
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