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Did yo read my post on air in the tires?
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same thing

my first on-star report notified that all 4 tires were low lf 32 rf rr lr 34. had nirtogen put in infalted them to 36 lbs received second report yesterday notifyed me that the rf lf were low 33 lbs rr lr 34 she is my fun car and donot drive her that often except on weekends temperature here in so ca. has been in the high forties. i have seen at the dealerships cars have, in the showroom floor, rubber pads under the tires someone here on camaro5 mentioned they put carpet under the tires wonder if that helps. any feedback would be greatly appreciated

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Every ten degrees in temperature change is equal to approximately one psi change.
Going from 80 degrees outside teperature to 40 degrees will cause a 4 psi decrease.
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Originally Posted by joepitt View Post
I've noticed my Camaro is loosing tire pressure on all tires. I've got the RS package. Someone at work said they read there is a problem with aluminium wheels not making as good a seal. Anyone heard about this or experiencing tire pressure lost.
Yes same problem and it isn't really that cold where I live.
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They seem to loose pressure regardless, I am filling mine every couple weeks & it's not that cold here.

It did drop into the 70's today. might need to check tires........

I am trying Nitrogen in new set, but what a pain in the @ss. :(

Will always have to stop by the shop that filled them if they drop pressure.

Can't lower the pressure in the tires at the strip & then reinflate with regular air.

When I put my stockers back on for the track and then want to put my new wheels back on, I will have to go by the shop again to recalibrate the TPMS sensors.........
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Different brand of car but who know on the rims, most rims are made by a 3rd party.

But my Grandpa had that problem with his new Lincoln, the dealer tried several times, several shops tired but the tires would just lose air constantly.

Ened up putting some Simoniz tire stuff in there and they never leaked again.
[cheaper then that green stuff sold in the same isle where $10 only does 1 tire, Simoniz $10 does 2 tires.]

I did test it on my Firebird first, my 2 older rears would leak over time, no balance or vib issues and the best part no air leaks.

Tire guys hate that stuff but they don't get paid to like their job, why its called work not happy fun time.

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Originally Posted by toehead93 View Post
I just added air yesterday when it was 37 out. It's 55 now and pressure is too high now...go figure. We shouldn't have to deal with these things here, what's next snow tires?
It's not a Camaro thing. My last vehicle was a Nissan pick-up with TPMS and I also had issues when it got cold. No special wheels, just when it's cold the tires lose pressure. We just never knew it before the TMPS came out unless you checked the tire pressure manually when the temps fell.
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As others have mentioned, its only the colder weather.My Camaro as well as my daily driver (not a Camaro) both went down 3-4psi when it got a little colder last week and i live in Florida.I have had aluminum wheels on my cars for the last 24 years and have never had a problem with loss of tire pressure due to the wheels being aluminum. Tire pressure will usually rise 2psi after driving due to the tire getting hotter.
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Your tire pressure will go down about 1 psi per degree F of temp change.

Nitrogen is subject to the same simple law. The only reason nitrogen filled tires may have less pressure loss is that ambient air contains water vapor that may condense out, lowering pressure. However, pure air will behave exactly the same as pure nitrogen.

The rim corrosion causing leaks is a whole 'nother story. I just replaced the rims on my truck, rather than chase this problem. After 100,000 of exposure to salt and sand, I'm not surprised. But, why this would happen to wheels on a 1 year old Camaro driven in warm weather only is a mystery.
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