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Rip zl1

Yesterday someone thought it would be a good idea to pull out from the side of the highway. Car was doing about 5 mph I hit the back corner of his car doing at least 60mph. People who seen the crash told me my wheel came off the car and my car did 2 360s without the wheel on air bag went off and the drivers side hit another car while i was coming to a stop. Walked away without a scratch. How do you think the car held up? Insurance adjuster told me they dont know if there going to total it (He was stupid). How is that possible? What are your thoughts on how much damage was done just from the pics $$
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Sorry to see that but glad you are ok and no one else was hurt. I am sure it is hard to look at1

As far as damage goes it is hard to tell if it got into the structure - if not $15k at least - if structure damage likely totaled. I would be pushing for a total and a new car versus fixing this one.

Hope you get a good outcome - be patient it will take some time. but waste no time getting a lawyer to represent you to be sure you get a fair outcome.
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Bummage. Thankfully no one was injured.
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Has the driver of the vehicle that caused the collision been declared at fault and have insurance???Just looking at the pics it's really not as bad as I would have thought, it may be repairable...Also glad that you were not hurt...
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Airbag deployment should be a total loss. It will be reported as an airbag deployed accident on all title reporting services (Carfax, et al) and will kill your value. Unless you want to accept a reduced settlement and repurchase the car for partout or to build into a track car I would demand that they declare a total loss and suggest to them that you are feeling some previously unreported medical issues which your attorney thinks would be very expensive to treat. Damn sorry about your car but sure are glad that you aren't seriously hurt. DWHUA* is a serious problem in this country.

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That is tragic man. He couldn't have picked a brighter car to pull out in front of, either. Didn't know Stevie Wonder was still driving.

Yeah, I'd say total loss. Honestly as much as I love mine, I wouldn't want it fixed after that for reasons pretty much stated above.
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Glad to hear you are ok. Sucks for the car but it can be replaced.
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Sorry to hear the bad news, glad you are okay!
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That wheel is TACOED. I would think it's going to be totaled. Bags deployed, fender and I'm guessing the door are toast and you clearly have some serious suspension damage. Glad to see you walked away alright. Hopefully insurance pays you enough to grab a new one without issue.
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Totaled. Airbags deployed alone is enough for many or most insurance to declare it totaled. If it was a soft hit with only bumper cover airbags and minor front parts it would decrease the value but be something worth rebuilding. Ripping that wheel off knowing and seeing there is suspension damage also, no. I would consider a buyback at salvage price and repair it if it were lighter damage as above but not in your accident. Glad you are ok.
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Testament to the 5 star safety rating of the Z! 60mph overlap frontal crash that many vehicles fail.

Yes, if the bags deployed most carriers will declare a total loss. I can't believe there is some frame damage (as well as suspension, wheel, tire and brakes, whole front end, quarter panels, bumper and related, hood, possibly radiators, hoses, etc.). I can see buying it for 5K and putting 15-20K into it.
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Holy cow! Glad that you are safe man. Do you have pictures of the a**hat's car that pulled out in front of you? Definitely keep us posted.

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Insurance called today car was totaled. I do not have any pics of his car it was pretty bad his trunk was in his back seat. When i hit him my car pushed his car into the guard rail. The front of his car was 20 times worse than mine. He was driving a 09 impala and his airbag never went off. Thankfully he walked away with a small bump on his head. Then to top it all off when the insurance adjuster called me telling me it was totaled he tells me when they dropped the car off at the shop it fell off the back of the flatbed when it was being let off the truck and hit a tree so now the trunk tail light are damaged and i don't mean a dent or scratch half my trunk was caved in. Pretty happy how well my car held up at that speed this could of been a lot worse.
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Hah. The Ins. company now has a claim against the tow company.


You gonna get a replacement or a newer Z?
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