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Old 05-14-2021, 05:26 AM   #15
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Will is way more active on the Facebook groups. I suggest people go there for quicker replies. I think we as Americans are spoiled when it comes to our goods and services. We want things NOW and if we don't have what we want NOW we want a reason why NOW! lol

Speaking from first hand experience running a small business that made niche in demand products it VERY hard to keep on top of things. Sometimes you have to prioritize products that generate more profit to help keep the company afloat. Unfortunately that means smaller item orders like throttle bodies and programmers have to wait to be filled so that the larger items like supercharger kits can be built and shipped. Waaaay low on the totem pole would be people's retunes, which by the way is unheard of offering such a service for FREE after the initial tune.

I've bought HP tuners and the 80mm throttle body from Will. In both cases I didn't get any sort of email communication or tracking info but I did my homework and realized that he IS a one man show and lives in Canada. I also found people consider him trustworthy and that he has close to zero complaints from people that have purchased his goods and services so I made my choice to go with Overkill. It would've been a different story if there had been numerous complaints about his products and that he was untrustworthy.

Long story short. Do you homework and make a choice. Will makes popular niche products for a wide array of Crysler/Jeep/GM V6 vehicles, not just Camaros. For us Gen 5 owners there's not very many other reputable choices out there. So you have to ask yourself are you willing to wait for a great product that may or may not take longer than what your used or do you say its not worth it? Could he hire someone to help him? Sure, but then he'd have to pay that person by raising the prices on his products to maintain a stable profit. Are you willing to pay more for an email confirmation with tracking info? lol
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I'd pay $50 per tune change if it meant faster service.
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Old 05-18-2021, 08:26 PM   #17
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I hear ya on the pay for retunes. Will definitely knows his shit by the response times can be... maddening.
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Old 07-10-2021, 10:16 AM   #18
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The wait without any contact has soured me on ordering his supercharger kit if it's going to be more of the same.
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Your only other option is used or custom built. You won't get a custom built fully tuned setup for less than what Will charges.
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Old 07-24-2021, 10:35 AM   #20
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I purchased a kit from Will and my experience has been a nightmare…

The most recent headache timeline was:
• April 22—The shop who has been working on my car emailed me expressing they were having a belt alignment issue with the supercharger causing the belt to deteriorate from rubbing. Same day I emailed Will including an explanation of this problem.
• April 23—Will replied requesting photos to be taken of what’s going on. Same day I relayed the message to the shop since it’s 2.5 hour drive away and I simply couldn’t go take photos myself if it was local.
• April 30—The shop sent the photos to Will that he requested. That same day Will replied (fastest response ever!) stating he had longer spacers, upper radiator brackets that were needed with the spacers, and include a new belt if we told him a part number of the current one being used.
• May 5—The shop sent the part number for the belt.
• May 13—I requested tracking information since I hadn’t gotten any response from Will that the part number was received or about a departing shipment. He replied same day telling me a package of the new plate spacers, radiator brackets, and a belt was sent out and supposedly arrived that day to help fix the alignment issues of the parts from the kit.
• June 1—I emailed him explaining that my car had gone back on the dyno again and the alignment problem was fixed but we are still experiencing fueling issues losing rail pressure after 6200rpm with KR. I sent 6 emails about it.
• June 14—I finally got a response from Will requesting dyno data logs and files for review.
• June 17—The shop directly sent Will the info he requested, I know this because they BCC’d me on the message.
• July 2—I got an email from Will claiming he never received anything from the shop and that same day I forwarded him the message previously sent by the shop.
• July 24, 2021—Current day and I’m still waiting for ANY TYPE of reply, so far I’ve sent 10 emails to Will following up asking for acknowledgement that the requested files were received and whether he can advise on the fueling issue we’re having.

^And just like that in the blink of an eye three months has gone by where basically hardly any progress has been made with my car.

So, just being honest and realistic when I say that this type of prolonged back and forth between the shop, Will, and myself has been ongoing for the past 18+ months since the kit began being installed back in Feb 2020. The shop and Will hardly contact one another directly despite my CC’ing them both on several messages and I’ve asked for a phone number from Will many times that way when the shop has questions during installation they could contact him directly to get on the spot support when issues arise which seems way more efficient than waiting days to weeks for an email response and delaying the build process. I’d like to also point out I’ve paid for the Stage 3 kit with tuning support so this should be something reasonably accessible after a $7k investment. But because a phone number was never provided and I don’t have Facebook to harass him on there, I have to stay on top of Will by repeatedly sending emails to illicit a response and get answers to problems. The shop would do work to the car, reach an issue, then move onto other customers while waiting however long Will would take to answer, and when he finally did I’d have to wait my turn to be put back into the work schedule. This has been the continuous cycle for the installation process of Will’s supercharger kit and being the monkey in the middle between the two has really gotten old. The problems were one after another during installation and the lack of communication with answers or guidance from Will has also really gotten old. IMO there is no excuse at this point he’s been around for years and if the volume of customers is too overwhelming to manage alone then either: don’t take on more customers until the current ones are sorted because doing so would only make service suffer more-or-hire someone that can help you handle business aspects to better focus on areas that are more time consuming. For what his kits cost each customer, its reasonable to expect that same level of investment on his behalf to provide support whenever needed to get the kit properly functioning.

Bottom line, take it or leave it… You’ve been forewarned of the long road ahead if this is something you chose to put yourself through.
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I'm in the same boat as y'all, but the main thing to remember is (if you read his website) he's an accountant, and this is a side business. We tend to forget this isn't a fulltime business for him. He has a unique business as he specializes in an engine only around for a few years.

I get it, the wait sucks! I got my 80mm tb quickly. However tuning, I can only imagine who that must be because he has to configure each and every modification we have. I have aftermarket ignition coils, 3.5" cai, ported throttle body and intake manifold, and 1 inch (25mm) intake spacer.

Knowing the OP got his tune (at least sent to him; hopefully he finds it) give me hope that I'll see mine soon. I bought mine in mid-May. I got a UPS tracking number next day so i keep checking for an update every couple days.
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