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Originally Posted by gajagfan View Post
I get that, and understand in your situation. The guy I was responding to seemed to imply that the BFG's new woudl handle as well as the GY's, and I just don't think that's the case. The BFG's will work better in cold, last longer and do may things better than the GY's, but not hook better in a corner (in my opinion).
I've run both and I agree with this statement. But now I want to go back to the GY! I used the BFGs on the track one day and didn't like them. Felt like they were squishy / greasy. But the GY's are like hockey pucks on ice when it's chilly outside. You can nearly kill yourself. But hey, they're really summer tires...
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Originally Posted by gajagfan
If they have more traction than your GY's its only because the GY's were shot and the BFG's are new. No way they handle as well apples to apples.
They would if he never go the F1s hot.
My thoughts on some things:
  • Driving Nannies: If I'm that far out of shape on the street, something has gone terribly wrong and by all means Mr. Computer man, come and get me.
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Originally Posted by Billy10mm View Post
They would if he never go the F1s hot.
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I have a set of bfg comp2 with about 500 miles on them if you are interested I'm in the Atlanta area. I upgraded to gen 6 and don't need them. Great for dd. Also have a set of mrr228 wheels available.
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Originally Posted by snarky View Post
whomever does the mount watch them like a hawk. let them know the rears are 11" wide and the fronts 10". ask them to mount front and rear separately so you don't drive off into mismatched hell.
I had that same problem before. Watch them they may cause you more problem driving you car out the bay.
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Anyone try Kumho ecsta ps91?

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Originally Posted by DylanICT View Post
New to the forum and the car but I am getting a set of the AS3+ mounted up tomorrow, 285s all around. Taking off the GYs just above the wear bars. I'll let you know what i think after i drive on them a bit.
Just wanted to follow-up after a couple of weeks with the AS3+'s. They are good. Quiet for sure. I was worried that they would be very squirrely when trying to get on the gas out of a corner but they aren't, they hook up just fine for street driving.

Definitely recommend as an affordable 3-season tire in our size.
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Had the Michelin AS3+'s installed yesterday at Costco. $905 out the door. No more worrying about the temperature dropping below 50 = priceless...

Would highly recommend these for anyone in a cold climate that wants to drive their 1LE. Magnificent, very sticky, quiet tire..

Donuts for the installers will pay huge dividends..

Don't let them take your factory, metal valve stem caps. $6.50 each at the dealer..

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alignment, balance question s, installations, le tires

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