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tuning is for the birds anyway...... why go fast......
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Come on, lets all be fair, if you want to hot rod your car do it. With any racing type application your on your own and it would be unfair to expect GM to honor a warranty for a blown motor that has been modified, raced, beat to S---. If you want to have a daily driver keep it stock and enjoy. As for GM paying people to monitor vin numbers, come on be real. They have better ways to control warranty losses.
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no reason to tune, such a refined awesome machine.....
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Here's a bit of new info.. Some folks might be interested in this when they think they can "beat the system."
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Originally Posted by Easy Go View Post
To pour gas on this fire, the kind people at On Star have the capability of interpreting codes when service lights pop on. In my last car, I was unable to restart the car for several minutes after it stalled in the parking lot. Within those 2-3 minutes, On Star was able to read the specific code and I was into a 3-way phone call with the service department down the street. They knew at the dealership what was wrong with my car before I even arrived.

It is certainly feasible that On Star can communicate all sorts of things (whether the driver knows it or not).

Knowing this, it certainly seems possible that On Star could, at any time, relay information to GM that some drivers might rather be kept private.

Now... where did I put my tinfoil hat...
gonna piggy-back the onstar comment

If you have a scan guage (aeroforce interceptor, etc) plugged into the obdII port always, the onstar system is unable to communicate the cars "status".
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I want to suggest moderation here. Don't post your VIN, but don't be afraid to post modifications to your car. Balance is the key. No one here wants to be responsible for your denied warranty claim on your drivetrain because your tune and VIN were made public. We do, however, want to discuss the potential to enhance our cars.

I'm also going to point out that OnStar neither has the staff nor the desire to follow your cars without your permission. It may even be illegal for them to conduct this sort of unauthorized espionage. Don't worry about OnStar. Worry about what personal information you post online.
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the DEVIL made me do it.
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i can say i have nos.supercharger or turbos it doesnt make it so because you saw it here.
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This is one thing i have been thinking about when i get my camaro. To mod it or leave it stock. Because chances are i will be getting a 2SSRS and thats a lot of money. So a warranty is a nice luxury to have.

But on the other hand, my current vehicle is a 2002 silverado with a millon mods. So i can honestly say itll be difficult to ditcht he modding bug when i do get my camaro.

I know first hand what tunes do to an engine...they wake it up! That will be tempting as well... but idk if its worth the risk of voiding my warranty on a brand new vehicle.
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IMO, it won't be worth it. And now, we hear a lot of reports that tuners are having difficulty tuning the new Camaros coming out. Something about the computers programs being changed.

regardless, tuning for an extra 20hp really isn't worth a warranty that says, "we'll fix your 3 thousand dollar transmission if it breaks for the next 5 years." I mean... That is a no brainer for me....especially when I've gone through 3 transmissions in my last 2 Camaros.
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Robin Lawrence
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Note to GM, my car has not been modified

Holley Performance Products

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Yeah, I certainly agree not only about not sharing info, but just not messing with retuning the car or computers, it's just not worth doing. I'm already getting a 2011 2LT RS thats fully loaded with everything; 312HP V-6 is more than plenty for me! I wouldn't have any use for tuning or turbos or super chargers on my car. I have to wait untill the warranty is over anyway to be able to afford an aftermarket exhaust (maybe, when the price comes down alot more). In the meantime, in a couple of years, I might put in some better spark plugs & wires, but thats about it. I already have a K&N air filter for the original box that will immediately make better power from the get go. So, I'm pretty happy with the Camaro as it is from the factory. It will do everything I could ever want for years to come. Just like my special ordered 2004 Chevy Silverado.

Last edited by chrisrcromwell; 06-13-2010 at 10:30 PM. Reason: wanted to complete my thought.
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Keep in mind when your car comes in for service, a cable is hooked up to the car, into a GM diagnostic hand tool, and then to a computer, which in turn, communicates information to GM via the internet.

I am fairly confident on is the code on the computer, which, despite most vendors claims, detects any changes to factory settings.
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