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Bring It
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First Camaro DIY Oil Change = 4 Hours -FML

A couple days has passed and everything seems fine in the world, so I am able to chuckle at this and am sure you will too. My story from a first person/internal dialogue point of view:

Ready for an oil change. Gonna be the easiest thing in the world. Car is up on my black plastic autozone ramps cooling down, got enough oil and filters for two oil changes ($21/5qt at Walmart right now btw). Two hours later, time to rock and roll....<enter hell>

Slide on under, take a look at the bolt, wonder to myself how some people still managed to drain the tranny fluid, reaffirm to myself, this is gonna be so damn easy. Quick mental note, still seems to be a bunch of residual heat under the car (100 deg outside that day). Remove the oil plug screw and out she comes, a perfect shot on to my oil collector below I might add. Very happy with my self, I'm not gonna spill a drop. Wait a second...why is the top of my collector filling up with oil?? It's not draining IN TO THE COLLECTOR~!!! Stay calm, you have time, pull the collector plug all the way out instead of leaving it popped up. F^%$ THAT OIL IS HOT!!! Jerk my hand out quick, oil splashed everywhere. I know what I'll do, I'll put the drain plug back on the car. Get it up there ready to thread in, naturally oil is rushing out all around it splashing all over my arm and me. Before I can even get the threading started, way to hot too hold so I drop the plug in to the oil collector which now has about 1.5 quarts collected on it and it has begun overflowing on to my garage floor. Man up and grab the damn thing, put it back on the car!! Reach in to the pool of oil, IDIOT; it's HOT REMEMBER, WE JUST WENT OVER THIS. Out from under the car as fast as I can, I need a glove or something. Wife's garden glove was closest....NOPE!!! STILL HOT!! Yanked my hand out fast again leaving the glove in the oil collector. Latex shop glove...ah perfect. Pulled the plug all the way out...oil now draining and only about 6 quarts end up on the garage floor and it's moving outward like the oil in gulf coast at this point. Cat litter fast, to at least control the spread. Done. Now let's finish strong.

New oil filter out of box for examination, all looks good. Throw away this protective looking rubber ring on the bottom, we won't be needing that. Now we oil up the threads and the outer ring like we've read about so many times and screw this baby in hand tight. Now that the rest of the oil has drained in to the collector, we can recollect our oil plug, wipe it off and get that thing put back on the car too. 8 quarts in to the top, cap back on, let's fire it up.

Fire it up, oil pressure gauge looks good, no warning lights, sounds good. Let's check the dipstick. Pull it out but can't a good read on it because the car is still on ramps, and the thing sucks to begin with, so we'll worry about that later. After all, we know 8 quarts went in. Wait, WTF? Why do I hear a shower sound under the car? HOLY CRAP, the oil is SHOOTING out from around the oil filter! TURN THE CAR OFF!!!! I instantly realize what that black ring I threw away from the filter was for. THAT is what I was supposed to oil up, not the threads. ^$^%$! MORE CAT LITTER!!! There is another ~6 quarts on the floor because the collector was no longer under the filter.

To make the end of the story short, I had to use a oil filter wrench to get that filter off again (to replace the ring) since it was so oiled up and slippery. I ended up just putting a brand new filter on to be sure. I used the wrench to also tighten the new filter on there. I applied some generous force *just to make sure*, which I know I probably shouldn't have done, but it's done....and I couldn't afford any more oil on my floor.

Three days later, car is running great, oil pressure looks great (slightly higher than before), and most importantly my blood pressure is back down to normal.

Alright, let's hear it.....
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Man that made my morning.

Sorry it was such a disaster but damn it was funny. I can't say a whole lot because I've never done my oil myself ($30 change at the dealer, who passes that up?) but I still laughed.
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67 Convertible

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LMAO.....Great story, great writing and very entertaining!!
I find it hard to believe that every detail is true, but a great read!!
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Bring It
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Hahah glad I could help start your days out right.

I assure you, this story was too jacked up to be fake. And as a little extra evidence, here's a quick aftermath shot from my iphone. It doesn't look like much, but what you can't see is that the cat litter mountain there in the middle is about 4 inches tall. You can see my wasted filter there on the oil collector, as well as that BASTARD little rubber O-Ring there next to the ramp that I didn't use the first time. Again...
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Wow! Now dats an oil change!
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The Milano
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Your a good man charlie brown.
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Great story, glad my dealership offers free oil changes for the life of the car.
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Roddd 1SS
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Infern0, quick question, kinda off'd you post a pic from your iPhone? My computer is jacked so all I have to stay glued to Camaro5 is my iPhone. Did you have to upload the pic to your computer? Please note I'm not asking for your oil changing expertise, just how to use a phone that's smarter than I am. oh, and congrats on realizing your mistake and fixing it, the important thing is you learned how to change your car's oil, albeit the hard way.
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Funny story.....good thing you found the filter leak while car was still on ramps otherwise you could have another chapter to your story.
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I have no life
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lol... good job man lol. Man, that sounded rough lol. For my first oil change, i had my brother out with me, incase I needed something fast. I DID spill a bit of oil on my first try as well, but i was on the driveway, and i got most of it out LOL. Awesome story, I actually read all of it because it was pretty funny lol.
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2010 SSRS

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great story, lol
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That actually went better then I expected for a "four hour first oil change". The oil and the oil collector part I was kinda expecting, that just seems like the norm for peoples first oil change.

I must admit though the part with the filter had me going. I've never seen anybody remove the o-ring on a filter before but I've seen plenty of people forget to oil the filter first.
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Had a hard time reading the story...Couldn't stop laughing long enough to focus on the words. Just what I needed after a day at work.
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Now that was funny. I had to shake my head when you took off the protective ring off the filter.
Way to man up and share with others. Most of us would have never spoken of it.
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