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Drives: 2010 Camaro 2SS
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Looking To Supercharge

Iíve got a 2010 Camaro SS L99 and am looking for a supercharger. In your opinion, what is the best? I donít track or drag, just a weekend car I want to be FAST. Thanks!
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Drives: 2012 SS Red w/ black rally stripes
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Magnuson Heartbeat

I really like the Magnuson Heartbeat. My SS is a daily driver during fair weather. Drives great, awesome power and has been trouble-free. I installed it in my garage. The supercharger looks great, everyone is surprised when I tell them the supercharger is not factory equipment.
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Drives: 2010 2SS, 2017 Silverado LTZ
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I have the Edelbrock E-Force S/C on my 2010 SS. Run on 6-8 lbs. of boost. Makes 546/rwhp and 522/rwtq. See other mods in Sig. below. It's not a daily driver, but it drives like one. I've had the S/C on for 11 years,54K miles and it work fine. How much power do you want to make?

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Drives: Turbo 10' 2SS RS
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Procharger, D1SC, I like all the wooshing and blow off valve noises. It's kinda like turbo without as much heat issues.
2010 2SS/RS -Huron Single Turbo Precision 76/75 cea
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Evil Genius of Chevrolet
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Talk to GPI or one of the other forum vendors to educate yourself of the benefits and pitfalls of each style blower. Your budget can impact your choice too.
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Yellow 1
Grumpy Grey-haired Guy
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I went with a Magi Heartbeat. Looks like a factory option it's so neatly installed. Instant grunt, nice whine. Only running about 6.5lb boost so stress-free. Had it on almost 3 years, no issues at all. Putting 565 to the rear wheels at 6000rpm. Drives real docile in traffic until you kick her in the guts. Car is a bit of a monster if let it get out of shape.
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Drives: 2010 Camaro 2SS
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Ok just about everyone on these forums is going to think what they have is the best.
Positive displacement has a big broad flat torque curve,Centris have less low end torque but the hp curve usually looks like a mountain.Turbos have good torque and hp and are the most efficient but sometimes have a slight lag that positive displacement doesn’t have.
If positive Whipple or magna is the usual choice.If centri ecs.If on a budget and don’t mind some fitting fabrication and no more then 600 rwhp then a torque storm might fit the bill.
If turbo I would go agp.

Now I know all this but just the other day I asked two forum vendors what they would suggest.both ted jannetty and Dynosteve.
Why you asked .Because even though I know these things they live and breath this stuff and have installed and dynoed it all in many configurations.
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Drives: 2014 Camaro SS 1Le
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Centri for me. (ECS).
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I've had all three. Turbos all the way. The initial cost may seem offputting but add up everything you need for a PD or centri to get the same power - headers, cam, possible headwork. You will see turbos aren't more expensive. They all will need supporting mods such as fuel system, suspension mods to reduce wheel hop, etc.

A stock LS3 can make over 700whp with turbos. There is no lag if you size the turbos correctly.

I realize the OP has an L99. I mentioned LS3 because there is nothing valve train related that needs to be done to it but an L99 can benefit from getting rid of AFM/DOD stuff.
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'It's an experiment'
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Drives: [COTW 2/09/15] '11 GPI LSA SC Z/LE
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I did the ADM LSA kit on my L99. Now, it’s all forged LSA goodies...

747 RWHP 794 RWTQ
"Horsepower sells cars, torque wins races." - Enzo Ferrari
See My Build:
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Donít forget about the kong 2650 price seems competitive with the rest
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The Kong is a beast but its an insert for the LSA setup so it will cost you more up front. budget friendly you can find used LSA for pretty cheap sub $4k in parts typically. I obviously went with whipple, power can reach 900WHP my only complaint is mine doesn't whine. I have seen others that do whine though so maybe mine is just special. you need to determine what you like. Instant torque you want a PD Maggie, whipple, LSA. More of a powerband Centri, Massive power turbos but good luck getting it to hook on the street. I don't like most Centri's because of the noise, they sound like a damn jet engine and are obnoxious to me. Mostly street driving and you'll like the PD. it is harsher on parts at the track though due to the amount of torque down low and the instant hit type power. If you want more than 900WHP i'd go turbo.
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Drives: 2010 Camaro 2SS IOM
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For a weekend, fast car I would recommend a PD for the fun factor. Heartbeat is plenty to start with room to grow.

2010 IOM SS
YSI-B, Pat G Cam, Ported CTS-V Heads, ARH LTs MBRP 3" exhaust
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Drives: 2010 Camaro 2SS
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Location: Overland Park, Kansas
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Do Prochargers have a lag? I hear a lot about those. Or would I just be better off getting a Whipple or heartbeat. Whatíre the differences between those anyways?
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