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Supercharger for a 1LE

So I have a 2014 1SS,RS, 1LE that has long tubes,3 inch MBRP exhaust CAI with ram air scoop , ported TB and a tune by Nic D and I live in Phoenix where we only have 91 octane fuel and crazy high heat . What type ,model ,and brand supercharger is my best bet . From what I have seen a Centrical supercharger looks like it will be the best , but I have zero experience with superchargers. I'm looking for great drivability on the street and about a 150 hp gain . Anyone who has been there and done this have any input ? I will not be drag racing or tracking the car . What's the best bang for the buck in a hot climate ?
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Centrifugal supercharges dont need any kind of water cooling, so they wont tax your cooling system. With a small goal of about 600whp, you could run any of the introductory sized chargers like the Procharger P1SC, P1X, or Vortech V3si, and they are all self lubricated. Which means no need to connect them to your engines oiling system, so it wont increase heat their either. As long as you dont run a tiny pulley (not needed for 600whp) your Air Intake Temps wont get so hot either. And that can be controlled by your foot. My intake temps in Florida are usually around 100 degrees on a 90 degree day. Until I start spinning that blower real fast, then it climbs to 127-130ish. Which is still very decent, no need for meth.

But, if your ultimate goal is truly 600whp, I might go with a PD blower. The torque will be peak higher and maintain longer than a centri. Nothing wrong with the LSA... but you will need all the bits and pieces needed for the swap and its probably gonna run a little hotter. But I think it will perform better than an equally powered centri due to the torque.
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Pretty much any forced induction can do what you want. Problem usually is, what you want changes every 6 months of driving and the power increases more and more. Though i am still happy at my power level and the car is very street friendly. I don't drag race tho i'm on street tires and traction is my limiting factor so i have no need for more power.
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I have the Edelbrock E-Force S/C on my 2010 SS. Sell mods below. Drives like a daily driver except when you need more power. I gained 200 HP on the mods below. I have 54k mile on the S/C.
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If heat is an issue a centri is the way to go but generally speaking the roots style blowers work just fine in heat these days.

Roots blower will give you instant power, gobs of torque and tons of fun. It might be a bit harder on your drivetrain and engine because the boost is almost always there.

A centri can feel near stock under 3k but once the boost comes in it really ramps up fast. Intake temps are less of an issue and they generally make better top end power.

Check out the ECS kit on our site. We've done a couple on LS3 cars and they really fly. They offer a lot more bang for your buck then Procharger. Like no charge black finish and upgraded blowers out of the box.
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