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Thumbs down Sad state of Z/28 pricing at Capitol Chevrolet

Pretty lame. They had a $10K markup on C7s
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its San Jose what do you expect
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Mark T
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I know of a couple of dealers that are above board,...

this aint one of em.

Nuthin like screwing the crowd for profit and fun.
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Snidely Whiplash
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The markup on the COPO Camaro was double the sticker. Those in line to get one, almost doubled THEIR money.

It was the same way in the day of the Superbird and Daytona Charger. More want than availability makes for GREAT dealer profit.
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Isn't this the same thing that happened back in 2009 when the first Gen5's rolled out of the factory and onto the showroom floor?!? eBay threads were auctioning off the "right" to be in line and buy the first ones from the lot - auctions from $10k to $25k. And now in this case, the Z/28 will be limited quantities so the dealer's are going to have a ball with "Market Value" markup BS!

Personally, I don't think it's worth 2x the price of an SS to begin with at sticker value, let alone an MV markup! Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful car... but If I have $75k to blow, it won't be on a Camaro Z/28.
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You act as if a person has the right to buy a car at MSRP or below. Yes, the dealer is looking to make an insane profit, but that's what they are supposed to do; make a profit. Otherwise, why would they be in business?

This dealer is just as honest as any other dealer asking MSRP, so suggesting that they are doing something that is dishonest or illegal is just wrong.
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Don't blame the dealer. Blame the rich dumb ass that pays that ridiculous price. If no one pays it the price will come down.
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el ess A
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They aren't doing anything illegal. Unless holding out for a moronic dumbass to come along and actually pay ADM on a vehicle that by the end of next year will be had for less than 75K is somehow against the law.

I think that's a pretty high ADM even for the Soviet Socialist Republic of Kalifornia. Unless the dealer is really intent on keeping the car vs. selling it. Never paid ADM in my life. Never will either.
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Demon War Horse
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I thought the $5K adjustment on the one locally was crazy. But they had a lot of people checking it out, but it is still there, or was two days ago or so.
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If they can get some fool to bite, good for them I suppose. But I'd never do business with a dealer that does this. Pretty lame.
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and next year it will be 40,000 I know my car came out to 65,000 after tax and financing, I went back to G.M to trade for a new truck (because of work requirements) and the offered me 35,000 on trade 13,000 km and hot-wheels edition. so I'm keeping my car,and will by a used Dodge ram...
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In Denver you pay 75K less 3,500K discount. No mark up

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$25,000 ? Does it come with a fee tub of Vasoline?
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