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Rhunley build thread

Ok been on the boards since 2009 and have done several mods to my car. My journey started sept 2009 taking a trip to sonic for some food. Turned out to be one expensive burger as I saw my beauty on the lot. I have always been a big camaro fan as growing up my best friend had a 69 camaro I feel in love with. My first car I ever had was an 87 iroc z 28. Only had the 305 in it but dang was it fun. After taking ownership of my car my little boy would not go near it lol. He loved transformers and I told him if he would say transformer transform it would turn into a mean megatron.. So hence the name megatron.. I'm also a big Calvin Johnson fan so that helped too. After purchase I really wasn't sure what I wanted to do with car. New I wanted some look mods and was a real big concept car fan as my color was also SIM. So I'm gonna list mods now:

Outside mods

1. Concept style grill. I just loved the look.

2. Iconz 22's with Pzero Nero tires. Went with chrome lips with brushed finish. This was actually long process. I decided to go concave as this was the look I was going for. There was actually a Lamborghini with these type rims and I ran with it.

3. Painted calipers to match stripe. I have a burgundy stripe down middle so I decided to paint calipers to match. This was one of my favorite mods.

Inside mods

1. Lingenfelter racing pedals. I thought these enhanced the look immediately.

Performance mods

1. New MTI six shooter. Just loved how smooth this shifter was. I have had this for over 2 years and it never gets old doing this.

2. Pfadt springs and sway bars. I new right away that one of the first things I wanted to do to my car was lower it. To me the car sat to high and the Pfadt springs did the trick. The springs lowered the car a little over an inch and a half. The difference was amazing. Especially with my 22's. The sway bars what can I say. Drivability had been enhanced big time.

3. Cold air intake. Added this and felt a moderate improvement in performance.

4. SLP loudmouth exhaust. This really changed the way the car sounded. One of my favorite mods.

5. Stillen slotted and drilled rotors. I have been happy with these. This should probably be listed under outside mods due to me doing this for appearance.


1. Added a JL amp, 10 inch sub, and bass control in car. This is one of the first negatives I thought about with car. The Boston Accoustic speakers where ok but lacked bass. So I added this. The box was made to house amp and sub and was designed to slide into right wheel hole. It was a decent mod at the time.

All the original mods were completed between Sept 09 and May of 2010.

After mods were completed I hit. A rough patch in my life. Financially I was hitting on all cylinders as I had built a roofing company from scratch in 2008 to doing over 10 million in sales in 2010. However my marriage and relationship was falling apart. I guess midlife crisis is definitely true because at 37 I was acting like I was 22 again. After being with my wife for 14 years and many counseling sessions we decided it was time to part ways. During all this of course I had no time to do anything to car as this consumed me for over a year. I had two wonderful kids and felt extremely guilty of what I had done to my ex wife. Through this whole process I meet a wonderful girl who I finally felt like I clicked with them. After two years we got married May 16 2012. She has been a wonderful step mother and wife. I could not ask for more. After we got married, she knew I wanted to do some things performance wise to my car. She came to me and said one of things I want you to do is get that camaro as bad ass as you want. So I thought about it a minute and said you know what lets do it. So round two stared May 21 2012. A friend of mine had been at a dyno in Dallas at Hunters Performance Solutions. He had told me about how clean and neat his shop was and that he had a turbos kit that he had just come out with and it was reasonable. I had already in 2010 talked to MTI to do Maggie on car but I thought the price was steep. I called Chris and talked to him about what he could do and felt comfortable he could get job done. So here goes next list of mods.


1. Started off with 67mm comp turbos with update we have now upgraded to precision 76mm turbo. All injectors were reflowed to 80lb, gm zl 1 fuel pump, AFR gauges and pillar. Dynoed at 605 rwhp at 7lbs of boost.

2. Racing clutch. New the stock clutch was going to be an issue so I bit the bullet and got it done.

3. 1000 hp axle from the driveshaft shop. Another stock product if I went to drag it would break. I decided to be safe than sorry.

4. Methanol kit. New with how hot turbo got needed a little help here.

5. New trailing arms. Wanted less hop at track. Also pushrods replaced too.

6. 18in drag set up..

1. 3d carbon body kit. Went with 7 piece and just love the look.

2. Vertical door kit.. Not yet installed but stay tuned.

3. Revolution hood. This was a decision I agonized over. But thought for appearance and performance I wanted this hood.

4. AAC side markers, afterburners, and halos. Have all installed but halos.

5. Emblem pros cowl hood 695hp emblem, under hood emblem and back mirrored camaro badge. These have not been installed yet.

1. Completed gutted factory system. Went with Kenwood 9990hd with metra kit. Used hertz as my component speakers and JL 10's with JL amp. Added ambient lighting around amp and sub to set it off. My system now finally rocks.


1. Lloyd mats. Another one of my favorite mods.

2. Chrome plated bezels for center gauges and chrome plate for cup holder.

This pretty much is all I've done. The car and I have been through a lot together and I hope to have this to pass it onto my son when he gets older. Sorry for long post but a lot of things went down to building it. Ive got a few more ideas but all in all I'm happy..

Here is a pic of my second was a 82 z 28 with a rebuilt 350.
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Drives: Camaro SS
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Pics to come. Want to get good shots of car.
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Definitely get some pictures up! I'm sure the car looks great with the work that's gone into it so far. Glad to hear that your suspension is working great for you!
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Hurry and get them pics up man! This car is amazing....glad I got to see it at the Stone Mtn meet!
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Drives: Camaro SS
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here you go
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NICE......................Love the those wheels and perfect balance of mods!
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Drives: Camaro SS
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more pics
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Drives: Camaro SS
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Almost finished.. Can't wait to get back..
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Drives: Camaro SS
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Location: Monroe Ga
Posts: 964
Car in the shop with motor build. Gonna be a 1000 hp beast when I get it back. Limbo doors installed. Also have jdp lights and ambient lighting for cup holder to go in. Close very close!!
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