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Question tips or help for moving to Alaska

Hi all, i am moving to Fairbanks, Alaska area later this year and was wondering if anyone had any tips or advice that i should be aware of when it comes to my Camaro. I am currently in Arizona and know that i need to flush my coolant out for the correct mix ( i use 90/10 water/coolant here) but any other advice would help. Thanks

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parking in a heated garage? if not and when the temps dip real low most folks have some kind of plug in block heaters..

have fun!

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I live on the Kenai peninsula which is warmer than Fairbanks in the winter and i drive a 4th gen. That all said. Alaska is not as difficult a place to own a Camaro in as many probably think. Even in the winter time camaros are not an uncommon sight. They handle pretty well in the winter. But they need to have at least good all season tires. With regular street tires you can barely control the car at all. I have lo profile rims on my camaro with Falken Zeix ze950 tires and they handle very well. got em off for $100 each delivered. Winter weather in Alaska pulsates between cold and warm. Sometimes warm enough for the ice to melt a little. That is the most dangerous time to be driving. If you can afford it, have studded tires on your camaro or another vehicle for those days. But again, Fairbanks is colder than the kenai peninsula so you may not have this problem most of the time.
The other thing to consider is the uneven winter roads. This is very harsh on your suspension. Where it builds up seams to be mostly the same from one year to the next and you will just have to learn that for yourself. The camaro seams to have been purpose built fot Alaska in the summer time. Biggest thing is don't go too fast. 55mph is the top speed limit in Alaska. State troopers don't seam to care about 60mph but if you go above that you risk getting pulled over. Even worse, we have these large but cute wiggly faced creatures who like to hang out in our roads. I don't think i have to tell you about what it means to hit a 1 ton creature with a camaro at 70mph. Also, this should go without saying but drinking and driving is exceptionally dangerous here and the state troopers are consequently exceptionally tough on it as is state law. But overall the troopers are pretty cool. Noticeably friendlier and easier to get along with than lower 48 cops at least from my experience. Not much else to say other than have fun and be safe.

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