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Awesome read aside from some of the comments mentioning them being a GT500 & an SS. It's not like Chevy had anything (better/faster) to offer at the moment. Wouldn't you rather drive a Z/28 over an SS (just for a top speed run)? I know I would.
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For the record. TOP SPEED Is not all about horse power.

GT 500 540 hp Top Speed 184.7
Camaro SS 426 hp Top Speed 174.4
Mazdaspeed3 263 hp Top Speed 155
Toyota Prius 78 hp Top Speed 112

The formula for Top Speed includes horse power. It also includes surface drag, gearing, torque, weight, efficiency, wheel size.

In 1928 it took 1500 bhp (claimed) to get to 207.55 mph.

If it were all about Horse Power the top speeds/hp curve would be linear.
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Originally Posted by x626xBlack View Post
Excellent read! Why compare cars with a 110 +/- hp difference.. Its like Apples to Oranges.... Should have either gone with the GT or waited for the Z-28..
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Originally Posted by elcapitan1110 View Post
This makes me wonder how a regular GT would perform compared to the shelby... although I think the Camaro would win. Theoretically, higher horsepower means higher top speed, am I right?
Not even close lol....peak power is a pretty useless number. It's all about the coefficient of drag and the power under the curve.

To compare, our stock SS did 156 mph at the Texas Mile, laser verified. That's bone stock, and untuned. So it looks like adding another two miles and taking off the limiter will net you another ~25 mph on the top end.

As for the whole "vs" thing, you guys need to seriously lighten up. I can't imagine getting so worked up over something so silly, yet there are several people in this thread who have me worried about their blood pressure!

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I like the article. Yeah the GT 500 is pretty awesome.

However, this is telling me, we (Owners of SS Camaros), got some serious "bang" for our bucks.

Nothing wrong with that!
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hmm..... cruise control at 159 mph......
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I'm about to cry...

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great read.
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Excellent article. The writer did a great job.

I loved the quote "This is unacceptable news. I'm not driving 1700 miles to find out that Walley World is closed."

That's cool to hear that the Camaro is so fast stock.
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good read, now I wonder what the top speed for the 6s(stang/RS) would be, perhaps 170mph?
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Originally Posted by SSOOCH View Post
Man, I wish I knew they were doing this. I'd would have loved to drive out there and watch this. It's about 40mins away from me.
U live 40mins from the salt flats? Don't take this the wrong way but I think you've just become sexually attractive.
Dave McFly:
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I did my Photo Op the day before the Bonneville 100 back in June. I guess those magizine clownz were some what late on Bonneville.

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ill take a $33,000.00 muscle car over a $50-60,000 muscle car that is afew horse slower.then spend 6-7 thounsand on supercharger and still come out faster and cheaper.but thats just to see the wars are back. great info and read
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Awesome article. Who's up for a road trip with our cruise control set at 159?
UNDER CONSTRUCTION......again......
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