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Capt. Organization!
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RICOA Show - June 30, 2013


This will be the place holder, but we'll start with the basics:
Show: Rhode Island Chevy Owners Association All Chevy Car Show
Date: June 30, 2013
Place: Diamond Hill State Park, Cumberland, Rhode Island
Time: 9:00 - 3:30 (we'll shoot to roll in around 9:15 or so, based on last year)

Like the last three years, we CANNOT miss this show! We've take the trophy for best club participation three years in a row. Two years ago we were given our own class for the fifth generation Camaros, and last year, we even had a stock / mod split for our class. The first year we went in with 20 cars. Last year we went in with with 48 or 49 cars! I said it last year (and I was a little disappointed) - we have to be able to go in with at least 60 cars!!! And let's not forget the looks on everyone's face (especially the Corvair Club) when we all pull in as one group.

Oh yea, for those of you new to NEC5, we roll together. That sig pic down there didn't just take itself. The last stop of our rolling caravan before we go into the show will be at the Emerald Square Mall where we'll line up again in some formation for a "class picture".

Get the word out - save this date - sign up as a member here online if you haven't already. My clipboard (with the NEC5 logo on it) will be in full force

This is really important, especially for those of you meeting us at the show - When you fill out your registration, be sure to write in "NEC5" for the car club!!!


LINK TO LAST YEAR'S POST-SHOW THREAD(which made the Camaro5 home page, BTW)

Who's In - 72 Signed up
Meet at Burlington B & N
1. 2013zl1guy
2. azw131
3. camaro1069
4. Cid369
5. Eric Baker
6. Evil-Bee-NH
9. JB12ZL1
10. Mailman04222
12. midlifeSS
13. molloni
14. NH 2012 SS/RS

Meet at Hopkinton DD's
15. 2010CamaroSS/RS
16. 67RS2010SS
17. bluBlud
18. chetkan
19. chevy 3
20. coreyaustin17
21. CoriJoe
22. Duflar
24. Freyguy08
25. gutterball
26. Lombardi
27. mgm
28. mjn56
29. One-Bad-ZL1
30. Overclock
31. perfucto (Chris)
33. SLO-RDE (Doug)
34. SynergyScott
35. Tessa
37. TRC-SS
38. wmora4

Meet at the E. Square Mall
39. 95RedCamaroz28
40. blazerk5
41. BLKWidow / Zulukilla
42. Camfreek1
43. CFD
44. Dr. Krabz
45. grimace
46. HardrockSS
47. Havok
48. HP Turbine
49. JohnnyO911
50. LadiesMan217
51. lakersftbl69
52. Maxspeed
53. NewDivide
54. OrangeVert
56. rickyrocket
57. rjs1195
58. SS2012
59. Sterling
60. swetnss
61. v6sonoma

Meet at the Park
62. 2ndtimess
63. Jimi

Need to let me know where you'll meet us
64. B1976
65. Danb79
66. mpolaris111
67. myold88
68. right to travel
69. RMK1201
70. RogerBzSS
71. SheWolf
72. Z28 Autobot

1. 93B4C
2. BluesSinger212
3. Crashnburn7
4. dkbmx993
5. gblaue
6. jmonette04
7. Mick
8. MrsPatfan1987
9. terry_b
10. Vangres

Can't Make It
1. 2010CamaroRS
2. 2012-2SS
3. blgl1800
4. eb_ss
5. irocnroll
6. PaulSS376
7. stt81

my EDIT button
update 1 - post 109, page 5
update 2 - post 236, page 10
update 3 - post 303, page 13
update 4 - added rally points
update 5 - post 346, page 14
update 6 - post 396, page 16
update 7 - post 411, page 17
update 8 - post 465, page 19
update 9 - post 494, page 20, added layout info
updated 10 - post 529, page 22


For those of us coming from "the North"
Barns & Nobel, Burlington, MA, leave by 7:15am
We will be meeting near the Burlington Mall off of 128/I95 (and Rt3) and roll out by 7:15am. We are not meeting in the mall, but in the parking lot between Barns & Nobel and Chili's.
If you are coming on 95S, you will take exit 32B for Middlesex Tpk, Burlington, Arlington. As you come off the exit, stay to the right and merge onto Middlesex Tpk. You will drive just past the B&N (on your left) to the first light where you'll have to get into the left lane to make a U-turn, then move to the right to turn into the parking lot. I would say to pull into the Chili's lot facing the road.
If you are coming down Rt3S, take the last exit, Exit 25A for I95N, Rt3S. You'll follow that loop down and watch for the signs for the Mall. Google Earth doesn't have good pictures for this part of the interchange, but keep your eye out for Middlesex Tpk. As you get off the exit for the mall and the turnpike, stay to the right. You'll merge onto Middlesex, pass under the interstate and stop at a set of lights. At that set, you should see B&N up ahead. Again, move to the left, and at the next set of lights, take the U-turn and move right into the Chili's parking lot.
See the overhead or 3 and 95 with the thumb tack for the B&N and Chili's

Meet up point for those of us coming from the North and West
Dunkin' Donuts,92 West Main Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748-1642, leave by 8:00am
This is the first exit off of I495 South after getting off I90.
There is the DD's and the side street behind it. There is plenty of room for all of us there as we found out last year. There is not enough room in the DD's lot...soooo....who ever shows up first, say the first 3 or 4 cars, park in the DD's lot there, and then have everyone else line up in the street just behind the DD's. It is Elm St. Direct the rest of the cars onto Elm street. We'll line up on the side of the road there.
We should plan on leaving here by 8:00am for the mall.

If you are coming from the Mass Pike, take the Exit 11A for I495

After the toll booth, be sure you stay to the right for I495 South

Take I495 South to Exit 21A, West Main Street, Hopkinton. It looks to be the first exit after getting onto I495S

After coming off the exit, watch on the left for what I think is a Mobile on the Run with a Dunkin inside. It's the first place you can turn in left, so you can't miss it.

There isn't enough room in the lot, DO NOT PARK IN THE LOT, but rather we line up on Elm St right behind the gas station.

From here we'll go to the Emerald Square Mall...

Final meet up point for those of us heading to the show together
Emerald Square Mall,999 S. Washington St, North Attleborough, MA 02760, pictures taken by 9:00am
Just off of Route 1 and I295. We'll be meeting in the parking lot adjacent to the parking garage. When you pull in, there will be someone directing everyone into formation. I'm hoping we can park where we need to and take all pictures and get out of there by 9:00. This way we hit the show for 9:15. We'll see how it goes
Here is what I'm thinking. The north Camarovan, leaving from Hopkington, should arrive around 8:40am. If those of you not coming down from the north start arriving at the mall around 8:15, you can start lining up ahead of us and maybe be ready for us by the time we arrive.

There are a bunch of ways to get to this mall depending on where you are coming from...I'm not going to list them all...use Mapquest :P...the light blue line shows the way the rolling convoy is traveling...

The thing to note is that we are forming up for a group photo in the lot right next to the parking garage, which is next to Macy's.

Formation Details
There are seven groups this year. The groups are designated by the number inside (or just outside) the yellow boxes in this image:

The only group without a number on the image is Group 7. They are "the rest" of the group. Group 7 will make up the last four cars on the left of the bow-tie as well as the "rays" around the bow-tie (four of these rays are shown above).

I tried to set up the staging areas so we can park and then easily move into position. I think I did it. Everyone will get a copy of this handout:

Check the list for your user name. This may not be the last revision, so don't assume that your group will not change. When we get to the mall, don't just follow the car ahead of you, take at the parking lot and try to head to your staging area. Those of us coming from Hopkington will be coming in on the entry way seen to the right of the staging area for group 7. So, unless you are in group 7, take a left into the main parking area and head for your group staging location.l

All the cars in the bow-tie (except the vertical or near vertical cars) will be facing in the same direction, which will be driver facing right in this picture.

From here, we'll be heading to the show.

Destination for all of us either coming from the mall, or just meeting up at the show
Diamond Hill Park, 190 Pine Swamp Rd, Cumberland, RI 02864
>>>Rhode Island Chevy Show<<< June 29, 2014 - What better way to get a sig pic!
>>>Pit Girls @ Angry Hams<<< July 2, 2012 - What better way to get a hot girl pic!

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right to travel

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im in this year. I had a two week work-cation to Austrailia last year and no such luck this year though Sequestration FTW
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I'm in.

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HP Turbine
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The twins are in!

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I'm in
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Sweet the Jimmy Buffet concert is the week before. I won't be dead this year.
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IN !!
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chevy 3
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I'm in and Jimi
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As of right now count me in. Sounds fun.
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So easy to love Camaros
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As for now put me as a maybe....gonna have to figure this out, buddy getting married down the cape the night before.

Was planning on staying down the cape, but might have to do a late night swerve home!! Cause my car is not going down there. Ill figure it out no worries
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HP Turbine
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You should be married to your car. Tell your buddy to bail and come to the show!

IPS Twin Turbos, Corsa Exhaust, Ported Throttle Body. 461 rwhp 443 rwtq!! *Cameron Hass.ani*
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