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Originally Posted by SSNYSTR View Post
I'm thinking that you accidentally touched the paddle shifter. I you put it in sport mode and do not touch the shifters, it still shifts automatically for you, but as soon as you touch a paddle, it goes to manual and you have to shift for yourself. That's what it seems like.
This has also happened to me haha
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Originally Posted by vroomapunk View Post
This has also happened to me haha
Me too lol. I look down or hear my RPM's getting higher and I'm like oh shit and shift or put it back to drive.
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Originally Posted by Norm Peterson View Post
Sounds like the PCM basically threw the transmission into neutral or something inside the transmission failed. It is entirely possible for an AT to either work just fine in full automatic mode but not in manual mode, or vice versa, if slightly different combinations of bands and clutches is used.

Is there any chance at all that you didn't get it solidly into 'M', or that the shifter was able to move out of 'M' somehow?

Either way, it needs to be looked at.

Took way too long to get a good answer. I agree with Norm.
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Check fluid. My buddy's began to slip (and rev) as it was a little low on fluid. Now he has it OVERFILLED by a quart (running low 11's with drag radials).
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Norm Peterson
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Originally Posted by vroomapunk View Post
Yes! I have a stall too and its done this
You guys with high stall speed converters may be running into an engine rpm vs road speed condition that's outside what the PCM expects for 1st or possibly 2nd gear (engine revs are too high), and the PCM is getting confused that way. There might be a Pxxxx code for it.

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My guess is driver error on that run , especially after the next 5 were flawless
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Originally Posted by Comrando View Post
This is described in the owner's manual but it specifies the V6.

P.S. 4th redlines at 140 MPH
Yeah right, my tires may have been going 140 the car was going about 30
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This happened to me a couple of months ago. I was on my way home, decided to accelerate hard and the car didn't move. It just went up to about 5500 rpm before I noticed, as though I was in neutral. I put it into neutral and right back into S and it has been fine since... I'm due for a tranny fluid change, though I wouldn't think that would cause that?
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I wish these cars were still drive by throttle cable and not by wire.

I switch off driving my 4th gen LS1 and my 5th gen SS, and there is just a different throttle response feel with the cable that i miss in my 5th gen.

CPU confusion and drive by wire sending messages to the CPU delayed response sucks.
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