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Originally Posted by Sunset6928 View Post
You have got to be kidding me. I respect most people's decisions, but that is idiotic. Sorry!
? You rather have him put his bike in the truck ?
It is his car and I am sure he shared his idea with the rest of our members who might find this useful!
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Would you rather him ratchet strap the bike to the roof? I have a Silverado to haul the toys but if I didn't have the truck I wouldn't think twice about putting a hitch on my Camaro. I wouldn't pull anything heavier than a jet ski though. Our rear diff only hold a quart of oil.
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Originally Posted by Eich View Post
I see no problem with that at all. It's a car. Use it!
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I took mine camping with a trunkload of firewood - if you can do something with the car other than wax it, do it! I'd put a ski rack on it (a la Better off Dead ) in a heartbeat, and a hitch makes sense to haul your bicycles around.
2013 2LS
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HA! I love it! That is a lifestyle thing fellas, nothing wrong with it. People riding those bikes are in much better shape than some of us are.

I say do it!
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Post up the link to where you bought the rack, id love to take my trek & camaro out for rides. Its a win win.
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SoCal HT5! SD
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I think its cool... Guys... hes towing his bicycles. Not a boat...
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apparently some of these guys have never been to a track before. It's not uncommon to see even corvettes with hitches on them, pulling a trailer with their tools and spare tires/drag slicks on it.

Matter of fact saw a Viper towing his stuff the other week. If it's good enough for an 80k+ car it's damn sure good enough for ours.
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Some of us can't afford multiple vehicles and do the best with what we got. I like enjoying different outdoor recreation and getting maximum value from my car.
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Haters gonna hate.
Power is worthless without control. The 2nd protects the 1st.
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Would rather be riding
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It's yer car, do what you want. Glad you found a way to combine your interests.

Be careful if you ride your bike on the street.
No dog in this fight anymore.
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Can you show a pic of the reciever hitch from the back. I have seen a few guys tow a small trailer with four racing wheels and tires to the track which looked very practical to me.

Which Thule hitch mounted bike rack do you recommend? (for my suburban)
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Not something I would ever consider doing, but if it works for you then go with it.
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