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Originally Posted by Vash View Post
Yea Zip code and probably your FICO score. Have you pulled your credit report 3 + FICO to look?

You should be at half of that by 27.
FICO Score is not the score insurance companies use. There is a special "insurance score" that is done for insurance companies by the credit agencies that weighs factors much differently than the FICO score to measure responsibility.

That said one of the obvious detriments to any score is if there is bad stuff (late/missed payments, judgments etc) on your reports, so definitely check them either way.
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Originally Posted by delius View Post
They also make you send pictures of everything....such as your of your car...pic of your odometer...everything. I tried to get hagerty...sent them the pics of my trans am...they called me and said that i was accepted...then they called me back a day later and said i was denied due to my drivin record...i would love to get hagerty...they have that 700 spare parts compensation.

I was gonna get a 130 a month for my 77 low mile t/a for 15k mile a year.

Damn drivin record
hagerty is insuring the new Camaro? I already have 2 cars insured with them. I've never had to supply pics of the odometer. Infact, they never asked what the current mileage was.

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Originally Posted by Vash View Post
Big difference in an 8 year old truck vs a new Camaro. Probably double.
I was surprised to find my quote for Camaro insurance was only $60/yr more than my 10+ year old Intrepid with 224,000 miles. Though listing the Camaro as a 2nd vehicle with an est 7500 miles/yr helps keep it down.
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Originally Posted by JaysonAych View Post
I'm stunned by the rates on the Corvettes mentioned here. I've got a nearly 7 year old Stratus...I've made three claims in almost 15 years of driving, 1 of them being a vandalism claim and only 1 of them being above $500, and the last one 4 years ago, and I've never had a ticket, and I'm paying about $600/every 6 months.

I do live in the city, and I'm through USAA which provides excellent service, but man...paying about as much for my insurance on a V-6 grocery getter as a younger Corvette driver?
Same here brother.I'm with USAA and have had no claims in the last 9 years driving. I am 26 and I drive an 09 SS/TC Cobalt. Everytime I go get a quote from an Insurance company they ask who my current provider is and I tell them USAA, then they say forget it I cant compete with those rates. People like to over-inflate what good deals they get online.....makes them feel better.
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Originally Posted by heinzd01 View Post
I was surprised to find my quote for Camaro insurance was only $60/yr more than my 10+ year old Intrepid with 224,000 miles.
I'm getting similar numbers from my company but as a primary(only) vehicle @22:

Rick Hendrick's 2SS/RS with my record came to 122/mo or 1470/yr. I was floored. My rider truck rate is identical with 95,400 on it and I drive almost 20K miles a year. :/
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Originally Posted by 13F20 View Post
Dude I am in the military and I had Geico while driving a 2007 Nissan 350Z and was paying $536.00 every 6 mo. Plus I am 29 yrs old. That is 91.00 every month full coverage. I don’t know who you spoke to at Geico. But for them to charge double the USAA price, your driving record might have some issues.
I had the same problem with Geico it was almost double my USAA quote. And my record was clear then and is still clear now.
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