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Originally Posted by Dire Wolf View Post
That's what I thought! I reread the post like 5 times saying to myself what the f*ck did Discount Tire do wrong? I have gone to Discount Tire for years and think they're a great company. Always got good honest service from them and their prices are competitive.
No kidding. Maybe a mod should change this thread's title.
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Emerald Coast Camaros
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Originally Posted by bhall82 View Post
Damn man hate to hear this. I know it sucks. I hope your day gets better. No worries though this person will get what is coming to him/her. Karma is a bitch
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Originally Posted by Steve Dallas View Post
I just want everyone to be sure that I am a loyal Discount Tire customer...

The manager at the shop I Used just last week looked on his in house system and ended up driving to another store to pick up the tires for my car and bring them back... Took extra care with the car and even cleaned the entire inside hub/rim of the wheels.
Great Service...
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Originally Posted by Noodle SS View Post
Some people have zero (0) respect for other people's property and nice things. Such an unfortunate event.

Nice ride Steve!
Some people are just plain zeros!
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What should I name my car
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Sorry to hear about this...

If you had your CHL and you caught the guy... what would have happened?

I don't like to think about what I would do in that situation... I don't have a temper but I have never been in a situation like that. Just reading your post makes me furious.
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Slow Turtle
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Good way to generate business, poking holes in tires in their parking lot.


But yeah, that sucks. Flat tires at a tire store. Who knew. Lot/store cameras?
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He never said that it HAPPENED at Discount Tire... if that was the case, he wouldn't have had it transported home to change the tires and then driven to Discount tire. He just happened to be AT discount tire when he made the post.
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Bay Area SS
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Sorry it happened man, Last night at work some ass hole decided he was goin to go for an evening stroll with a kitchen knife, he scratched approximately 20 cars as he walked by them...Unfortunately we did not catch him...people have no respect
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The Thread title got me too... I could see scratched rims written all over this one.

Totally sucks this happened to you... hopefully you had already used up $100 worth of tread.
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Those scumbags should rot in hell for vandalizing these cars.
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Roll Out
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Was there a tire shop near by? If so maybe they were hurting for business.

But seriously, sorry to hear about that, jealous punks that's all that is.

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My theory is that this type of behavior is caused by the "sense of entitlement" attitudes we see all the time. The same person who drives in the left lane and never pulls over is "entitled" to the left lane because they can use both lanes whenever they want to. They are also "entitled" to cut you off in traffic because after all they managed to get the butt of their car in front of yours and if you hit them in the rear it must be your fault and not theirs. Now since you are driving a nice vehicle and they aren't even though they are "entitled" to drive a nice vehicle, they are just "evening out" the playing field while they wait for their opportunity to be given enough handouts to be able to afford the same or equivalent vehicle. In their opinion you have cheated the system by getting your nice vehicle before they were able to obtain theirs. Once they do get theirs they will scream holy hell for retribution should anyone molest their vehicle in the same manner they did yours.
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This is why

Originally Posted by chevychase View Post
Why are camaros such idiot magnets ? It seems they get dinged, scraped, crap thrown at them, tires vandalized etc. more often than other cars.

It's not the most expensive car on the road by any means but it seems to attract a lot of hate (envy fueled) ? but again there are many pricier cars out there.

This car gets attacked because its just plain over-the-top as far as how cool it is.

THIS CAR is hated the same way people hate hollywood celebrities. It's strange. General Motors should ACTUALLY have a meeting about this to figure out a cure.

In other words GM IS LITERALLY going to need to install VANDAL protection devices straight from the factory (such as video cameras on all 4-sides).

They should offer this option. Sensors detect anyone coming near it and then it will tape it and sound an alarm.

I would also offer a spray system that sprays PEPPER SPRAY. Set the nozzles under the car's rocker panels. Aim them upwards.

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