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2 THE CAVE... I'm Batman! 2LS Blackout

Year: 2013
Model: 2LS
Color: Black
Purchased: 4/26/2013

Our story should have begun with this being Camaro #1 in the family. My wife had been looking to get one in black for months, doing the research, models, pricing, etc. When we went to our local dealer to ask some questions about what she wanted, we walked away with my crystal red metallic 2LT/RS that day (see "The Evolution of Iron Man 2LT/RS" thread). However, 20 days later we literally tracked down 1 of only 2 black non-SS 2013 Camaros in the state of Florida and walked away with hers. The good thing - we are a 2 Camaro family! The bad thing - twice the cost to mod

Batman... YES Batman, don't call her Batgirl! She's Batman... my wife loves Batman and told me what she wanted for her upcoming black Camaro. I took her idea and started searching for what would look good to make her new Batmobile come to life, without screaming I'M BATMAN. Suttle innuendo that would hint the car belongs to the caped crusader! Items started arriving from eBay and other places. I finally had the chance this weekend to start creating her dream Camaro...

A little back story to the purchase. The original car had the $6,500 21" chrome wheels which we had removed by the dealer and taken off the sticker price. We did however have to provide our own tires to drive the car away if the sale went through. About 20 miles from the dealership I found someone on CL that had the basic stock 18" Heritage rims & tires with the TPMS still installed. We picked them up on the way to the dealer, and thankfully had the dealer install them after the sale was finished. She did not want the Heritage overlays put on - just wanted them plain black. The only color was the silver balancing weights. Here's a picture of Day 1 at the dealer before we left:

We had to stay at a friend's for the night. Here is a picture on Day 2 after getting back to town, not even home yet... less than 200 miles on the car. We were eating inside a Pizza Hut and some lady backed into the car in the parking lot!:

Well after 2-3 weeks of fighting with the lady's insurance company to cut a check and another week at the dealer for repairs, we finally got to get the car his first full detailing. While at the detailer, I asked him to put on the pinstripe since he is in a clean shop, no dirt like in the back of our house. He did... and did a wonderful job! Who says pinstripes don't work on the new Camaro! Have a look:

The car is so shiny it is so hard to take a picture that does it justice. These came from the detailers iPhone which show it pretty well, but not the greatest resolution:

And the highlight of the pinstripe... a 1.5" Batman logo in the center of the door. Suttle, yet effective and gets a double take:

So this weekend I was able to do some of my own work on the car. I first created a custom license plate cover using a $5 chrome plate from Walmart. I used Plasti Dip to make it black, then put the Batman logo on it and did a coat of glossifier to seal it:

I also used Plasti Dip (it was quite a Plasti Dip weekend between my car and hers) to blackout the badges, rear bowtie, and tail light bezels. While the Plasti Dip coats were drying, I tinted ALL the lights around the car for a more blackout effect. Here's the Bowtie being dipped:

And here's the Bat-ass... before (chrome bezels, standard bowtie, and non-tinted lights) and after (black bezels, blackout bowtie, tinted lights, and custom frame installed):

Last but not least for the day, I started installing the billet grille. I was able to get the lower one on just as an evening thunderstorm rolled up quickly as they normally do in Florida... here's a shot of it in the morning, and you can see the tinted headlights and turn signals as well:

The front bowtie will be removed and the top billet grille will be installed soon. I have many other things to add inside and out and will keep this thread updated when I add to the Batmobile.

Comments, suggestions, and criticisms are welcome! Thanks for looking...
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2013 2LS Build Page: 2 THE CAVE... I'm Batman! 2LS Blackout
2013 2LT/RS Build Page: The Evolution of Iron Man
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