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2016/2017 Build Counts

Hi, would anyone have the 2016 total Camaro build counts? (Production numbers) Thanks in Advance!
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prolly find that info on Camaro6 pages:
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I bought a new 2015 about 18 months ago and have been trying to verify the build count of the "V8 Coupe Performance Package", option code VPX. I just heard back from GM on this build count request I have been making for the Camaro VPX option package. After a couple of letters I then sent an email to the GM Heritage Dept, and got back an email answer from Christo Datini who said;

"My contact at the GM Accessories group indicates that 155 Camaros were equipped with the VPX package for 2015.


I send back a reply requesting an official letter from GM so it would be fully official. I hope that they can do that, and will post it if I can obtain it. Can this be added by the author to the 2015 build counts under MISC item, or do we need the official letter? Can someone help obtain an official letter?

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2012 Build Count Typo

Originally Posted by mlee View Post
2012 Total Production (includes Non-saleable, MVB, CTF, and all Retail/Fleet Markets) 90,310

Black GBA 22,863
Victory Red GCN 11,453
Summit White GAZ 10,563
Silver Ice Metallic GAN 9,833
Rally Yellow GCO 8,296
Inferno Orange Metallic GCR 5,914
Blue Ray Metallic GXH 5,403
Ashen Gray Metallic GLJ 5,095
Crystal Red Tintcoat GBE 2,606
Cyber Gray Metallic GBV 1
Kinetic Blue 1,524
Looks like there is a typo; Blue Ray Metallic GXH should have been Imperial Blue Metallic GAP. It is correct in the 2012 Exterior Colors page.
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3" Dual Cat Back Exhaust System, Lingenfelter ZR1 Dual Disc Clutch Kit, ZL1 Brake Kit Rotors & Calipers
628 RWHP/596 RWTQ / A.C.E.5
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Originally Posted by DragRacerX View Post
Looks like there is a typo; Blue Ray Metallic GXH should have been Imperial Blue Metallic GAP. It is correct in the 2012 Exterior Colors page.
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Originally Posted by DMR2 View Post
Seems a lot of missing info still on the 2015s. Yes, 2321 Commemorative Editions made... so there should be at least 2321 Adrenaline Red Interiors listed in the chart (below) that isn't as the commemorative Editions were the only ones the adrenaline red came in. I see they did at least have the 20" special wheels listed for them on the chart.

ALSO - of the Commemorative Editions, something to consider, of the 2321 made... how many of those were Indy 500 Pace Cars as well? Even though they were pace cars, they still were considered and had the Commemorative Edition package.

Anyway, I posted what Chevrolet sent me in regards to the Commemorative Editions with their breakdown. They couldn't break down color, nor transmission counts at the time (I wish they would). Maybe Fbodfather can get that info as well.... then he'd be my hero! What info we did have on the Commemorative Editions use to be posted at the first page of this entire thread, but I guess it was deleted when the new 2015 chart from mlee came out - even though it left that extra info out of the breakdown for the Commemorative Editions... so I'll repost that info here for those who do want to know:

#From Post 145#

2,321 Total Commemorative Editions Made
1,776 Were Coupes
*938 of those coupes were 2SS/RS models
545 Were Convertibles
*353 of those convertibles were 2SS/RS models
(remainder of each Coupe & Convertible Commemorative Editions were V6/RS models)

Thanks for the info on the Commemorative. Shame they couldn't break them down by color. I have yet to see one like mine in my area. I have seen a gray 2LT but not a RedHot 2SS/RS. In fact I have only seen a black 2SS Commemorative about a year. One thing I love about my car, not seeing anyone like it around me.

2015 2SS Red Hot Adrenaline
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My local dealership in Northern California has one for sale. Car has 21k miles and they are asking low 30’s for it. It’s a pretty neat car! Never really seen one up close In person until today.
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Thumbs up

Originally Posted by mlee View Post
Those lists were in an old system that we don't have access to anymore and I don't think Scott wants to go back and re-visit all those numbers.

Sorry, they are not broken down any further than these lists.
so cool!!!
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thread bump.....

Thanks for the build counts, found
out that my car is one of 7,124 because
of the polished 19 inch wheels on a 1LT.

In 2013 i could have bought a 1LT with the 19's but i didn't.
Kinda cool to have them now, wouldn't care if it was 90,xxx
sets ordered
Auto/19's/Boston Acoustic speakers/Spare Tire
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