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Thanks for the pic. I have an L99 and it's cool to know what that casting number is and where it is at - especially for future reference.

I only bought the auto because I have a 50 mile round trip to work every day in Las Vegas, stop and go traffic. I tried doing it for a few months in my Mustang GT with a 5 speed but frankly, it sucked. (Not just the Mustang, but the stop and go nonsense with a manual.)

Once I have a different daily driver, the auto gets kicked to the curb.
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Doesn't matter if a ls3 conversion was is still a l99.
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Originally Posted by gm2376 View Post
Doesn't matter if a ls3 conversion was is still a l99.
Agreed. Was just pointing out fact, if it had an LS3 conversion done to motor only.
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Originally Posted by 95tealZ View Post
Hi guys, new to the group. So I'm in the market for a nice low mile 5th gen. Was after the 6th gen but the nonexistent rear seats and a few other issues with those turned me off. A 2011 2SS with the RS package turned up at a dealership nearby that ticks most of my boxes with 2 exceptions...First its a convertible and while I wasn't specifically looking for one and wouldn't pay extra for it, it's a red car with what looks like a brand new top and it looks sharp. Second, I really wanted a manual/ls3. This car, and it's been driving me nuts, is an automatic with (allegedly) an ls3 and I was about 100% sure they couldn't be ordered that way and that it was strictly ls3/manual l99/auto. I'm assuming its an ls3 conversion. It has ls3 emblems on the front fenders (little tacky to me lol) and says it on the motor cover too. These are easy add-ons obviously but it gets better. So I look at the rpo codes in the trunk under the carpet and sure enough, it has l99 in there. Tells me it came out the factory with an l99 not an ls3. Then..we find the original window sticker in the glovebox. Top left under standard features, it lists "Engine 6.3L w/SFI", and "6 speed manual". So right there tells me yes, should be an ls3 so far. But over on the right of the window sticker under options, it lists the RS package with all the typical RS stuff, then right under that, it says "Transmission 6-speed Automatic 1,185 w/tap shift and remote start".
Other things I noticed are it has a borla atak axle back, cai, and what look like brand new foose wheels and micky thompson street comp tires, lol. Which is disappointing since the RS wheels are gone. So what's up with this car with the ls3/auto? Is this just a badged and converted l99? Any way to easily tell, if it's just a converted l99 without tearing the top off the motor in the dealers lot?
Welcome to the forum! And I am glad you are interested in the 5th gen Camaro.

I agree with others that the engine is most likely not an LS3. If the engine was replaced, and the dealer stands by the LS3, then they need to show paperwork from the mechanic that installed it. I have a 2010 L99. I replaced the engine with a crate L99. It cost me $8K and was installed by my local Chevy dealership. I will hold onto that receipt forever!!!

I remember when I was contemplating which LS engine to stick in my ride, several wouldn't be compatable and needed a new CPU to work correctly.

Overall I'd walk away from this car. Smells fishy.
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The verts had faulty tops in that year so for that reason alone, not worth it.

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