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Drives: 93 camero z28
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93 camero z28 issues

So I have a 93 camero z28 manual 6 speed, has 111,000 miles on it, and has been running great up until yesterday, 3 days ago I took a 7 hour round trip to Santa Cruz, no issues, the day after drove my car to run some errands, no issue, the day after that my car did not want to start, it would begin, then dies letting out white smoke from under the hood that smelled like gas, As I turn the key it sound like its about to start, then dies, I figure step on the gas right before it dies, and it worked, it starts and run perfectly like it did before, it doesn't stall, idle or anything, drove it to work today had a bit of trouble starting but it it ran, again perfectly, drove it to work and back no problem, the spark plugs, cables fuel and air filter have all been replaced a month ago, she is due for a oil change since I found out just recently that it hasn't had one in a while (it was my brothers before I took it over and he never did so) I just need some insight from some people that know a bit more about cars, any help is greatly appreciated, again it has issues starting, and some times lets out white smoke that smells like gas other then that she has no problem running
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