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Shadowmind, you have a couple fact errors...

Originally Posted by Shadowmind View Post
Given a choice between a thirsty corvette
The 2009 Corvette is EPA rated 16/26. The 2009 Toyota Camry V6 is rated 19/28. I'd say the Corvette is not "thirsty" when it compares so closely to a Toyota family sedan.

Now compare it to a 2009 Acura RL: 16/22. Yikes! Most of Toyota's Lexus line also gets worse fuel economy than a Corvette. This is without even trying to compare in its own class, I'm just going for comparisons to cars that should do better than the Corvette.

Dodge Viper: 13/22. This car is in the same class, right?
Honda S2000: 18/25. WTF??? How can a smaller, lighter, Honda-made, lower displacement, higher-tech car do worse on even the highway rating (and only 2mpg better city)? I am genuinely surprised. I was sure that the S2000 would be rated way better than a Corvette. That wraps it up for me, I'm not checking any more ratings.

The CAFE standards not only require a maker to have an average MPG on its vehicle line up, but it also sets new standards to testing the validity of MPG on the sticker. We all know that the sticker MPG is typically 25% more than the actual MPG of the vehicle.
Here is where you actually seem to be confused.
  • The EPA ratings on the window sticker are not related to the CAFE ratings and are significantly lower. If a car is EPA rated 29mpg, it might be CAFE rated 42mpg.
  • The EPA changed the test procedure for the ratings on the window sticker beginning in model year 2008 (and they adjusted old ratings to approximate the new procedure so it's possible to compare). The new procedure produces ratings that represent the fuel economy that average drivers really will accomplish. I significantly exceed the EPA's ratings, generally getting 30% better in my automatic pickup and 50% better in my manual car, but most people should expect approximately the EPA rating.

This may be the last breed of SS we see for awhile. But again, I can't stomach dealers marking up a vehicle 30%, that looses 60% of its value out the door, that "might" become a collectors car in 20 years.
Agreed. It's unacceptable, and when I buy my next new Chevy, I'm going to check these threads to see who marked up and who didn't -- and I won't visit the ones that did. There's plenty of dealers and plenty of cars out there.
Removing weight has surprisingly little effect on fuel economy
Engine break-in procedure | Gear ratios
2002 GMC Sierra 4x4 5.3 (190,000 miles and going strong)
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Originally Posted by CamaroSpike23 View Post
she really underestimates the damage i would do to her reproductive organs is the place for all the naughty stuff you can't get away with on this forum...
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Can we please keep this more on topic, their is enough to read through already. Thread should be about MSRP or below dealers.
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Steve Baldo Chevrolet Buick Cadillac
11208 Gowanda State Road
North Collins, NY 14111


they have a V6 right now , a silver m6 1SS on the way and allocations for 2 more Camaros
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Old 05-28-2009, 02:38 PM   #676
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We've sold 3 at MSRP so far and we will continue to keep charging MSRP even though two of the three are being resold by the customer for $4,000-$5,000 more than what they paid out the door....Just a thought of why some dealers have adjusted their pricing especially when they are not allocated very many...
Jason Moser
Sands Chevrolet
Commercial Fleet Internet Department
Glendale, AZ
Direct 623-463-2950
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Old 05-28-2009, 02:57 PM   #677
SoCal Mayhem
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Santa Monica Chevrolet
3223 Santa Monica BLVD.
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Internet Manager: Patrick Howard (310)828-4424

emailed about getting GMS discount and he said they would most likely offer GMS when they have more than one on the floor. they are currently sold out and are taking orders. i asked if the GMS discount worked for orders and he said no.
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Ordering Wednesday. 2SS/RS IOM 6 speed manual

Reliable Chevrolet, Richardson TX

$750 Discount for USAA Members WOOHOO!
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Stay Marine
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Not sure if Battlefield Chevrolet is already on the list, but Donald Robinson is the man to see. Selling at MSRP, and with the USAA discount and the Military discount (pricing at supplier cost), I came in $1950 under MSRP for IBM 2SS/RS with Arctic White Stripes.

Battlefield Chevrolet,
Culpepper, VA
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Old 06-02-2009, 06:35 AM   #680
Drives: 2010 Camaro IBM 2SS/RS
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Sands Chevrolet - Surprise
Surprise, Az.
Contact: Helen Koop
Phone: 602-577-6677

I have bought our van from her and ordered our Camaro SS/RS from her. She will take great care of you!!!
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Old 06-03-2009, 12:55 PM   #681
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Stevinson Chevrolet
Lakewood, CO
Contact: Hadyn Roberts (
Phone: 303-279-3311/303-810-9433 (Cell)
GM: Ryan Watson

Placed the order for MSRP, $1000 down. The deposit is refundable until GM takes the order, then another $1000 is due, and the deposit is then non-refundable but applies to the price. Seems to be a fair dealer. No GMS though.
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Old 06-03-2009, 01:01 PM   #682
I Done Caught Diabeetus.
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Jimmy Bordwine @ Knapp Chevrolet Downtown Houston

Did not buy from him, however, he says they wont sell over MSRP. I hadn't seen/sat inside a 2010 Camaro until just the other day and had to sit in the one they had out front of the store. Jimmy was VERY VERY helpful even after I immediately told him that I already had my order placed with Joe (another great salesman) at Classic in Sugar Land.

Not sure if it's still there, but I sat in a Red LT Auto with the 20in wheels. Not sure of all the specs as I've only been looking at 2SS options liek I ordered. I would check with Jimmy if you are interested.

Both Joe and Jimmy seem to be great to deal with!

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for those around orange county, go see Jason Holley at Selman Chevrolet.

it's on chapman off the 55 freeway.

great guy, no attempt to upsale. msrp for a 2ss/rs with ground effects, ralley yellow with black ralley stripes, manual.

we started talking about a month ago. he gave me plenty of space and time to think about my choices, and gave no pressure. treated me like a human, instead of a sale.

(714) 633-3521
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For anybody around the Indiana / Illinois area my dealer has been outstanding. Selling at MSRP or below with discounts. They have a 1LT IOM, and a 2SS Rally Yellow. If you can believe it, two people ordered and backed out.

Dealer Name: Sycamore Chevy
Dealer location: Terre Haute, Indiana
Dealer phone number: 812-234-6661
Dealer website:
Salesman: Tom Lisella
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Old 06-04-2009, 03:57 AM   #685
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$900 over invoice.... I forget the numbers, but I'm pretty sure that's sporting a good deal. Just picked it up from Paradise Chevrolet in Ventura, CA. Raul and Per were my guys. Unfortunately, I think they've got quite the list (this may be wrong, but another dozen beyond their "preorder Q3 delivery" cars).
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Dell Rapids Chevrolet
Dell Rapids SD. 15 minutes north of Sioux Falls SD
Ask for Charles McNamara - GM Certified since 1991
MSRP Only, Never a dealer Fee....
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arizona, arizona dealer, florida, louisiana, massachusetts, missouri msrp dealer, so cal dealers,

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