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Originally Posted by Fraxum View Post
Because he is the smartest man alive. He doesn't often buy a new Camaro, but when he does he buys a 2014 1LE.
Smartest man would have waited.
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Originally Posted by 87GNX View Post
Smartest man would have waited.
The 6 gen is going to be announced in 2 years, and then it's going to take 8-10 months for it to actually hit the dealers just like the new corvette stingray. So buying a 2014 now is pretty smart in my opinion since you'll have almost 3 years until the next generation camaro hits dealers.
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Cookie Monster
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Your opinions are appreciated, BUT I'm really loving the refresh. Not to mention I've been wanting a Gen5 since I seen Transformers. It's about time to make that dream come true. And if I like the 6th gen that much, ill get it. As simple as that smart asses
2014 2SS

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Originally Posted by 87GNX View Post
Smartest man would have waited.
Says the second smartest man.
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Almost everone knows that the gen5 Camaro (and the current Challenger) would not even exist if the 2005 and up retro-styled Mustangs had not been the success that they have been. The current Camaro has been a great success and GM has refreshed it for 2014 while keeping its retro-modern look.

The '67 through '70 Mustang fastbacks (including models like the Mustang GT, Mach1, Shelby GT350 and GT500, and Boss 302 and Boss 429) are now legendary and highly sought after. Ford took Mustang styling retro for model year 2005 and, although they refreshed some body panels in 2010 and again in 2013, they have basically stayed with the retro styling for ten years now.

But they can't just stay with the same retro design forever. The trick is where to go from there, and we will find out when the 2015 Mustang is unveiled in 2014 and again when the gen6 Camaro is released. My personal belief is that the retro styling element is what is making Mustang and Camaro and Challenger sell these days, and going away from the retro look will result in lower sales volume.
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I like the CRT on that 1LE. I just wish they would get me my car already.
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The harsh comments by 2010-2013 Camaro owners about the design of the 2014 seems to have an undertone of disgust with the fact 2010-2013 Camaro automatically loses some appeal in lieu of the updated model. I guess it's pretty tough to deal with the fact you no longer have the "latest, greatest". The 2014 is a subtle refresh. There isn't a dramatic difference compared to the 2010-2013. Let's be as constructive as possible and help Chevy continue to lead sales over the Mustang and Challenger! That's my concern right now, not the front fascia or rear/taillights.
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It's nothing about having the newest and greatest, if my 2011 and the new 2014 were sitting side by side an gm said choose which one to release to the public first I'd pic the better of the two and it wouldn't be the 2014. Just doesn't look as mean, and neither does the pics of the new modeled mustangs , I think both new models look weak
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Demon Z/28
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i'd pick the 14, because it looks meaner ! I laugh at the comments of it doesn't look as mean (14) sure, uh huh ... larger lower grille and smaller "eyes" definately gives it a menaer look.
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I don't understand the criticism of the front end refresh. Enlarging the bottom grille and tightening the top gives it more of a ZL1 appearance and is consistent with what is popular with a lot of other cars right now (specifically the larger bottom portion). In my opinion, adding to the "fullness" of the bottom portion (less undercut below the split) improves the front end significantly from the offset and side view perspectives.

From what I saw in the black SS with the white rally stripes CTF picture, the wider hood cowl allows the stripes to look remarkably similar to my former '71 Chevelle. I really like that change.

Finally, the rear. The promo pictures made it look like a flat featureless slab, but in person it is far from looking like a Prelude clone. It's clean looking, but certainly not a featureless slab. Like the front end changes, offset and side views are very good on the rear. While I liked the original Gen5 tail lamps a lot (so distinctive), I never quite understood why so much of the car looked like a re-imagined '69, yet the tail lamps carried none of the vintage styling cues. 2014 pretty much fixes that for me.

How much did I like the 2014 in person? I ordered a 2SS RS on Monday. I can't wait until it's built and in my hands. I've finally come full circle. My former 1969 RS would be proud! Fun fact: it was brown with a white vinyl top and a 327 V8. It looked a lot better than it sounds now.

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Baldwin feeder
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I love my '13 and don't want to let her go but I must admit I keep cruising around the local Chevy dealers trying to catch a glimpse of a new '14 in real life. Can't Scott just send one to my door?
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They did something right in refresh... all the 10-13 owners want to strip 14 parts for theres.... lol
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Angrybird 12
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Originally Posted by 2014v6 View Post
They did something right in refresh... all the 10-13 owners want to strip 14 parts for theres.... lol
I wouldn't go that far. I like the 14's but I also like my 12. If someone wanted to trade even my car for a similarly equipped 14 I wouldn't turn it away. But right now I do not feel the need to make mine look like a 14 either.
To sum up my feelings. The 14 changes to me are no better than and no worse than the 10-13 cars, they are just different.
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Originally Posted by The Stig View Post

My favorite pics of the 2014 out side the Z/28.

These pics have me eating my words, I'm not going to say another bad thing about this car till I see one..

I will say these pics make this car Pure Sex..

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