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Need some advice, please.

I need some advice.

I am looking to get one of these bad boys, but people seem to think that a person who pays bills and has 3 kids, can't get one of these on 1000 a month (after tax).

I am a person who buys tons of games and movies. My game collection alone, is estimated in value at 39k. Who knows about my DVD collection of almost 900, and my Blu Ray collection of almost 100.

In the first six months of 2009, while paying house bills and taking care of three kids, all on 1000 a month, I was able to take my kids out for fun, all the while spending 1756 on games, and who knows on DVD and Blu Rays.

I got to thinking, well, that could have been 1700 to pay for six months of insurance on the new camaro.

In October of 2009 alone, I spent over 600 on video games IN ONE DAY, and I still wasn't hurting.

Now take in mind, I still have money building in the bank at the same time.

So can some people here give me advice?

Is it possible to make car payments on a Camaro and pay for the insurance, while still paying my bills and taking care of three kids, if I just shifted focus from video games and movies, to making payments and paying the insurance?

I have been tempted to try and sell my video game collection, which has some super rare games in it worth hundreds, for about 10k more than what it's worth (due to those rare games; plus I have duplicates), just to get one of these, because I want one that bad.

The other scenario, if I don't sell my collection off, is to just stop buying games and shift all that momentum, onto getting a Camaro and paying the insurance.

So in my case, could you see me being able to pay payments for the car, and paying the insurance every six months, if I am able to spend 600 dollars for games in one day, and 1700+ in six months, making 1000 a month, pay house bills, and take care of my family, but am not struggling?

Thanks for any advice.
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