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I left them alone, might have to adjust some settings on the amp but they are fine for rear fill and can handle a little more than stock amp delivers. center dash speaker goes when you upgrade the amp with the Fark kit if you decide to go that route.

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Originally Posted by Snoman View Post
Hi Tentin, sorry--been afk.

Yea no, the 22awg oem lamp cord in your Camaro is not the same as aftermarket. Now, I'll give you the indisputable fact that most retail stores will attempt to sell you their version of snake oil, though please believe me when I say that there is nothing you can buy worth the money over Karma Wire. Cheap also, buy the 100' roll and be done with it.

Copper wire is copper wire is copper wire, we don't replace the OEM wire because it's copper. We primarily replace it because the 22awg is unable to properly handle the current load, with secondary benefits (albeit minor) of increased shielding, higher quality (content %) copper, lower amplifier strain, it's easy and it looks cool.

Minor issue with door, drill a hole below the grommet or run it through grommet with wire hanger.
You're right about everything, specially that Karma wire. Except you forgot to mention that unless your amp is pushing more than 100W per channel you don't need to run new cables to each speaker. Why?, because the car is 15' long, so both front speakers can't be longer than 6-9' front and the rear speakers 4-6' long from the stock amp. There's not enough cable length to build up enough RESISTANCE to affect insertion loss and damping factor. Camaro OEM speaker wiring is 20 AWG, and it's MIL (max insertion loss) is at about 12' at 8ohms and 6' at 4 ohms. Also minimum dampening factor is about 5' at 4ohms. These are audiophile levels, most listeners won't be able to tell a difference. So if you want a high quality sound, get high quality speakers and subs and most importantly amps! But make sure you're grounding and terminating your amps properly, it's the number one reason your speakers pop on start up or turn off, and or noise issues.
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So after having my car torn apart for about a week and a half waiting on speaker adapters and a second set of 6x9's. I got it all put back together and the speakers wired in.
The sound is great! The speakers are loud and crystal clear and I couldn't be happier with them.
However, I do have an issue. Everything is perfectly fine if the volume is at 0. But if I turn it to 1 or any higher, I get static that sounds like it is mostly coming from the rear, but I am sure it is coming from the fronts as well. Even with music playing there is still static, doesn't matter if the car is running or not, moving or parked. Whenever there is "power" to the speakers, I hear static.

I tried using a ground loop isolator, but that didn't fix the problem either. Any suggestions?
I am going to post pictures of the amp placement and where the wires are ran. I used the FARK kit from ********.
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