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HELP... 97 Z won't start.

My 97 Z28 with a 6 speed wont start. All the electronics come on and seem normal but the car wont start. No clicking, no nothing. The car has had this problem for a couple years on and off but by the time I can get someone to look at it the car is always working again. I believe the problem is with the wiring/sensor that read the electronic chip in the key. I tried the other set of keys, so the key isn't the problem. I've heard the security light should come on if thats the problem but it doesn't. My other thought is that it could be a problem with the sensor that makes sure the clutch is pushed in.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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I had the same problem in my '95 Z28, and it turned out to be a bad ignition switch, but be careful when checking/changing it because it got some blade-like edges on it and it will tear you fingers up bad.
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Ok, first things first.

1-get the battery tested, this is free and you never want to dump money on expensive or exotic parts when the easy stuff is a possability.

2-next test the clutch pedal position switch. it is right behind the pedal and if you unplug it and bridge the terminals in the pigtail with a paper clip you can fool it into thinking the pedal is depressed(just make sure your in nuetral before turning the key)

3-still no luck, how does chip in your key look? are the contacts ground flat with the black plastic? the "chip" is just a resistor and with no contact to the terminals in the lock cylinder the car doesn't know the key is there. a new key should run you $25 at your local dealer(try your spare key too, it may be in better condition)

4-without a volt meter the next step is either to remove your starter and have it tested or take a shot in the dark and try changing the ignition switch at the base of the column

I can tell you how to bypass the security chip if you want to know but you will need a volt meter and a soldering iron.

I hope this helps
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