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Originally Posted by dmoroian View Post
Cool story, but while we're here, let's learn something. What is 892 front and 775 rear?
actually, it WAS a cool story. I got anxious just reading it!!
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Originally Posted by dmoroian View Post
Cool story, but while we're here, let's learn something. What is 892 front and 775 rear?
Cool first post.
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Originally Posted by rontammy0 View Post
For sure.....even with a "chip" in the Hellcat. I dont think they use chips anymore do they?
My thought exactly. These things have flashable ECU's , not chips. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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Did you have your Engine Dynoed? Always wondered what Power was at Crank driving a Centri. D1X here on 12lbs 416 Been asked and always say somewhere north of 900 Guess not that far off and yes it’s fun when you can Hook.🙂👍
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Originally Posted by Taylortoons View Post
Decided to drive the beast to work this morning and left my house the usual time of about 4 am. Cruising in 5th gear just under 4k rpm on a long straightaway with light traffic (Yes, I'm under 100, but not much).

Suddenly I see lights coming up quickly in my rear view and as it gets closer, I notice it's a Challenger. So I speed up to match its pace. He seemed to be a rather reckless driver (weaving across 4 lanes of traffic around cars) , so I back off and let him go.

A few miles ahead, he takes my exit. Hmmm, interesting, I say to myself. I pull up at the traffic light and I see a purple wrapped car with bronze rims and tinted windows. I roll down mine and give the nod.

The driver looks over, then rolls down the passenger window. Watcha got, I ask? The confident reply, I've got a Hellcat with a chip. It's a Hellcat! I looked at the hood to confirm, then replied, sounds good. The passenger chimes in, yours sounds good too. What is it? I shrug and say I'm running 892 at the motor and 775 at the rear wheels. No response.

I poke a little more. What do you think? He says again, I have a Hellcat, then power brakes for a slight tire spin. I raised my eyebrows and say, that's great, but your tires spin too easily. Can you hook it up to the ground? Mine hooks up.

The light is still red, but it's about to turn green. He rolls up his windows. I leave mine down.

I'm not sure what he's thinking, but I reach down and turn off traction control, just in case. Suddenly, he power brakes again for a little tire chirp, then runs the red light, turns left and disappears into the night. Revving his motor on the way out.

That was fun, I thought to myself. He probably made a good decision. do you know you are running 892 at the crank? did you have the motor out an on a dyno?
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He sold that mystically horsepower possessed vehicle.
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You should have gone for the A8. It's somewhat debatable but a lot of guys say it's even better

depanneuse Corbeil-Essonnes

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