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my order odyssey

Just joined tonight. Been reading on here for months; best Camaro site on the web. Long story as short as possible: Oldest son left on church mission two years ago, had gotten a 2006 Mustang HS Grad present. Good car, no equivalent GM product on mkt at the time. Sold his 'Stang, we agreed we'd get him the new Camaro for when he returned home May of 09. He leaves May 07, I decide to become a pilot while he's gone. Personal Dream at the time: Learn to fly, buy a plane, fly to L.A., go to Guam, bring him back, fly him home in MY plane, land at Madison Airport, pull up on ramp to his new 2010 Camaro. Lessons Dec 07 - March 08, get license to fly, buy SWEET aircraft. Get instrument rated March 09; hardest thing I've ever done (hold up my end of the dream). Meanwhile, order car November 3,2008, largest Chevy dealer in MS, says they'll get the first three in MS, and I am second. IOM 2SS, loaded with all options known at the time, $1000 dep. Received order letter from GM with order date. January 19, change order to Rally Yellow (got nervous about the IOM color), which I was told I could do as long as VIN hadn't been assigned. Received NEW ORDER CONF. from GM with revised 1/19 order date. Go to the dealership, they assure me that I am still second order. Meanwhile, VIN's start popping up on Spastic Squirrel, nearly 4000 later, still none at my dealer. Call dealer, he says there's a "nationwide unveiling" on May 6th, and my car should be in later in May. Now I see 40 IOM's in Dallas for a flippin' PARADE. BTW, my son and I arrived home at noon yesterday at the Madison Airport to a ramp full of friends but NO CAR.
End of story -- really ready to write a check for either color. Dealer couldn't care less, which I get -- they're sittin' on a lot full of cars that I don't want.
Sorry for the long post.
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UCF w00t
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Has your dealer had allocation? That's what matters, not the color. Talk to your dealer, they're the key. What status is your car? When did it go that status? Has it even been submitted (2000 or higher)? If not, when will they have allocation so they can submit it?
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