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Post Found this very interesting!!!

I was searching for some info and came across this. Link to web below and excerpt from link. Was wondering if anyone can verify this as true or total BS.

Note: The 350 5.7L was available with the 5 speed manual transmission as RPO 1LE beginning late in 1986 and through the 1990 model year. Chevrolet has no record of just how many were made. They were essentially hidden from the public. They had the A/C delete, radio delete and no power options as well as the same options as the 1LE cars everyone knows about (no fog lights, baffled gas tank, larger brakes). The car could only be ordered and very few people new about it and therefore very few were made. The dealer actually had to contact the manufacturer to obtain instructions on how to order this car because it was not ordered using the normal ordering procedures. This ordering secrecy was the main reason that very few were made. The car was offered as a model that more closely resembled the cars raced under the IROC racing series. I personally have never seen one of these cars nor have I met anyone who owns one of these cars. This information comes from two published sources from my library of information on these cars. It is repeated here for your information. I would be very wary of someone claiming that they have a car that is a 1LE with a 5 speed. Anyone who does have one of these cars, knows what they have and has the documentation on it. If you don't see documentation, then it probably is not a 1LE 5 speed car
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Cool site....
was able to find the '85 page !
nice info to know ~
thanks for posting !

edit: : : :
link for some one with an '85,
and so can find the page again the
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The old wow... memories...

Anyway, I don't believe there was such a thing as a L98 and T5 for the 1LE. If there were, it was either a LB9 T5 with a L98 swapped in or a L98 700R4 with a T5 swapped in. If one references that article, it clearly states the ordering process and the options (which is well known today) - and it was either a LB9/T5 or L98/700R4.

At this point, I think we could really only rely on Scott (fbodfather) to pull some stuff from his vault [brain] from "back then" to confirm/deny the existence of a factory 1LE L98 T5. Until then, we'll consider this combo to be a unicorn.
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gen3 man
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Thats definitely horseshit.

I've been a 3rd gen F-Body enthusiast my whole life, I've researched, own or have looked up all possible documentation on this, and this is also very old news to those who frequent

GM definitely DID make L98/T5 cars, however NOT FOR SALE FOR THE GENERAL PUBLIC. All the test or "mule" cars they made no longer exist and were all destroyed. GM found that the T5 could not handle the sheer mass amounts of torque that the L98 350 produced, so instead it was only officially paired/offered behind shitty 305's.

Even a G92 1LE was an LB9 5.0 H.O. making 230hp and 300ft-lbs at its best, matched with factory 3.73 gears, those rare G92 5-speed manual cars were a treat to drive, handled great etc but straight line performance was less then desirable (mid to low 14's stock).

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prophetsofmadness or as it used to be known is full of incorrect information. There were no 350 T5 cars. Do you really want to believe the information coming from a site that looks like that?

Some of the correct information was used without permission from another IROC-Z specific site. The owner has refused to update the incorrect information and stated that he will leave it alone, because he doesn't believe it's incorrect.
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