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Originally Posted by LOWDOWN View Post
The "hold-up" to a genuine forced induction system for the LLT is simply the BoschBox. It hasn't been successfully "cracked', at least by the "aftermarket"...

We're still waiting for Leno's "promised" test drive he spoke of at youtube, no Leno's Garage, no nothing so far...which leads one to believe everyone is still wrestling with the BoschBox. The LF3 offers hope, but it alone will not be the direct answer for the LLT...

Without proper electronics, no matter how stout the basic LLT is, boost on top of 11.3:1 comp. is a recipe for disaster...

As to the likelihood of GM not going 10/10ths, that only makes sense. "Safety margin". "Warranty potential"...
Well, Vince at Trifecta has been offering tunes for the LLT for a while... And I believe Diablo also "cracked" the Bosch... the thing is there is no real big gains to be found with just a simple tune... it appears the factory calibration is pretty much optimized!

I know Vince was working on tuning a turbo car... i believe he hit a snag or two... I don't know if he's gotten past those... I haven't asked about it in a while...
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Its nice that the factory has optimized the tune.
Now, where do we go to actually get some performance gains? When I ordered the V-6 I figured performance parts would appear fairly soon. Now, it seems that the performance from the factory is pretty much it.
I mean a gain of a couple of horsepower and little torque seems to be possible, and is with headers, etc, but not much else without probably some major change.
I hope to see STS Turbo put something together that really has an impact on the performance.
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i thought the CTS guys were getting good results with a tune?
Was really surprised with our results to be honest
Oh and Twin turbo ftw
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