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I went with the RX Supercharger - and I love it. If I had to do it again, I would get it new instead of used. I definitely recommend having a mechanic do the installation.

Except for the bad winter months, my car is a daily driver with just over 50K miles. Still no problems and I really don't expect any. I'm pretty good about routine maintenance.

Once the new tunes are out, I'd like to see what That will do to this little 6 Pack!

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Originally Posted by stevey_frac View Post
No offence taken. I want to know what I'm in for, and I appreciate you guys taking the time to discuss it with me. Oil changes on the blower are no problem. What's the lubricant worth... $30 / change or so? No biggy. I was planning on getting a gauge pod setup on my A-pillar with AFR and boost. AFR because it's useful, boost because it's sexy.

I'm not expecting it to be pain free. I'm just hoping it won't be a never ending hassle that makes me regret the car. What Magnum was going through with the plugs and tunes would be about my limit. Hopefully that was something to do with his other mods.

That fuel economy is similar is good. Has anybody written off any transmissions or motors yet with the IPF kit? I know vader wrote off a driveshaft, but that's not to bad. Wouldn't want to be eating tranny's though.
I picked my Ipf supercharger due to reliability and the fact that it looks stock. My driveshaft issue was actually something that was going on before I got the kit.there was vibration in my drivetrain before I put it on. Other than that after I got the supercharger tune where I wanted it car ran great. I've done a few drives down to so Cali (bout 400 miles one way). If you have a manual I would recommend getting the ideal g master cylinder for shifting. Makes the car shift a ton smoother.
Custom blue 2014 ZL1. Cold air intake,clear bra,apex springs,apex oil catchcan,18 percent pulley,stainless works long tubes wit high flow cats,ls3 throttle body, (595tq/607hp) to the wheels
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