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Originally Posted by Rob3D View Post
Or shop somewhere else all together...

Thats relative like others i've bought a few items and they've been hit or miss, i havent done anything with them since Don started but he has done his best to plug what holes he can in that swiss cheese ship they have. They frankly need better quality control altogether it's the same paint quality story over and over again they shouldn't let it leave if they wouldn't bring it to show off at a car show. That being said i still have a few pieces i need to send back to be fixed or properly done... Don's made it clear they're willing to help me with this but i just havent had the time to go ahead and ship stuff.

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Wish i would have read this thread before I placed my order. After reading other's horror stories it seems this is the status quo with them. RPI designs is a joke. Here's the story of my order...

From the moment I placed my order I’ve had nothing but problems. First, I was linked directly to the product page from my google search, so I was completely unaware of any delays due to the recent fire until AFTER I purchased my product and was returned to their websites home page. After finding out about the delays I immediately emailed to the customer service team to find out what the expected delay would be for my particular item. I was told by Grace that her best estimate would be 4 full weeks from the time of my purchase. This seemed understandable due to the fire – however if you’re going to continue accepting orders you should make customers aware of such a delay at the check-out on your website *BEFORE* accepting their money. After the 4 weeks I emailed again for a tracking number for the product and found the post office had attempted to deliver it two weeks prior. While this missed delivery was not RPI’s responsibility – I FREQUENTLY make online purchases and tracking information is always provided by the business. If tracking information would have been provided at the time of shipping I would have been able to keep an eye out for the expected delivery. THEN after opening the package I find the parts are not painted the color or my car, but an entirely different shade of red. I again contacted the customer service team who apologized for the error, and after insisting to have replacement parts sent with expedited shipping, they agreed. I specifically requested that Grace in the customer service provide tracking info once the product shipped. She again failed to provide the tracking information. Once I found the replacement parts on my back porch(two days after they had been delivered by the post office) I was astonished to find that they were STILL NOT WHAT I ORDERED. This time they were painted to correct color however they were for a different model year of Camaro and would NOT fit on my car. I contacted customer service and informed them of the error and this time they apologized profusely. When I suggested that I receive a refund with my correct parts due to the HORRIBLE cluster-f*ck of a process I had been through, the owner Josh suggested he could refund me $10 for my time. I am disgusted. I understand how enormous of a setback relocating a business must be after a fire. But the bottom line is, that your customers should not be the ones to pay the price. If you’re unable to operate your business and maintain some level of professionalism during the rebuild you should stop taking orders until you are back up and running.

-- Horrible quality control
-- Incompetent customer service
--Management is Indifferent to customer issues
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Took me about 2 months to get my license plate frame.... but i got it at least
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I'm on day 14 crossing my fingers waiting for my zl front lip I hope they send me notification of it being shipped....
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Ordered mats on the first of this month , today is the 8th they told me yesterday they havent even shipped yet so i dont expect delivery til next week , to me thats way too long , i realize the 4th got in the way but still two weeks ? Unecceptable ...
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Originally Posted by ronss View Post
Ordered mats on the first of this month , today is the 8th they told me yesterday they havent even shipped yet so i dont expect delivery til next week , to me thats way too long , i realize the 4th got in the way but still two weeks ? Unecceptable ...
I appoligize for any delays, these floor mats are made to order, We submit the order directly to the manufacture as soon as we get them. Since it is the height of the car show season, manufactures do get backed up a little with all the orders they get this time of year. If you have any questions about this order or any future items about the shipment times please give me a call 888-257-8515 ext 2 so I can let you know on the eta for when the part will arrive. Thanks, Don
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