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tune or headers void warranty?

like the title says and im also wondering do you need a tune for shorties or full length headers?
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With LT headers it is recommended due to the CEL that they cause. And if you get long tubes you are leaving power on the table without a tune. Shorties I don't think it matters to my knowledge. But i've never had shorties. Someone else might be able to chime in on that.

Adding any after market part will not void a warranty in its own right. They have to prove that the part caused the issue. For example. If you take your car in because the windows no longer roll down. They can't refuse that claim because you have headers. However, if you are start to have exhaust system issues or something of that nature that the headers could have caused you might run into problems.

As far as the warranty and tunes go. Its up for debate. If you use trifecta they claim to be able to make the tune invisible to the dealerships. And from what i've read it seems to work. I have not had any experience with this personally as I have not had any warranty work done on my car before. Also, the LLT doesn't have a flash counter like the V8s do. So I believe if you want to be safe you can just flash it back to stock before any warranty work is done and they will never know. To answer the question directly however, yes technically it will void the warranty if they find out you have tuned it. Will they? Who knows. It's up to you to take that risk.
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A lot has to do with your dealership too. Some dealers are fine with a few mods others are looking for reasons to axe your warranty. Some dealers will void your warranty on the long tubes alone. They serious change the way your car runs and should always be tuned. You can get away without one but its not recommended. With shorties you might leave a small amount of power on the table but you won't need a tune. Most dealers are more likely to be okay with shorty headers as well opposed to long tubes.
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