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Originally Posted by mgaspari View Post
i think its going to turn out to be a transformer special edition for 2014/2015 still a 5gen, i dont think it has to do with the 6gen.

Although the vents on the side and back do look cool.
No special edition model has (or will likely) received bodywork changes.
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The Stig
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Originally Posted by Goo View Post
Looks to be the same size of the current Camaro... 6th Gen to be smaller.

Some of that stuff is movie car stuff, but some of it I could see making it to the 6th Gen...
Looks smaller to me. Look at the pic of it in front of the C7 and then go look at a C7 next to a 5th gen. Also look how swelled the wheel wells are to get the track width under the body.

Transformers 4 movie release date is July 27th, 2014...... Mmmm
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Am I the only one that can see it's probably just a 5th gen body with different front and rear fascias and a few other additions and body work? Calm your tits, bros... I don't think this is it...

...although it looks kinda cool, if this WAS "it," wouldn't it just be following in the shoes of the Mustang?
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Not sure about the front end. Like the lights but upper grill needs to be a bit wider. I'm not digging it. Are they trying to bring back the Cavalier or what?
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Old 07-02-2013, 09:59 AM   #34
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Side profile of the front looks incredible, headlights amazing...but when you see it front on...the upper grill doesnt look very wide and it looks wierd
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Old 07-02-2013, 10:02 AM   #35

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Why are they trying to "Round" it out again?
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Looks like a sick whale. Hideous
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Well this is very cool and exciting stuff.

While I don't believe this is the 6th gen we are looking at here, there are a few elements that could maybe trickle over to the 6th gen perhaps? Like maybe a similar headlight design will make it to the 6th gen.

But I agree with some others when I say this looks like a concept look for the restyled 2014 5th gen...especially b/c of that narrow front grille.

My thoughts on this car:

-Love the headlights
-Don't love the big gaping mouth on the front. Don't get me wrong...a bit air inlet on the front is always nice, but there needs to be more going on there. Fog lights, and some kind of front spoiler.
- The air duct on the side of the car should have been extended up of the side looks fine as its basically 5th gen.
- Taillights are a mix of the 2014 refresh and the European tail lights. On their own I didn't like either, but combined they aren't too bad. Not completely awesome, but not bad either.

Overall, I like it.
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that thing looks like its 50feet off the ground, more low
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I seriously doubt Chevy would change the front and back for MY 14 & 15 then essentially keep the same damn car for the 6th gen and just change the front again and add a few cosmetic bits off a Z/28 & Stingray.

Clearly this car is a modified MY 14 model base and probably doesn't reflect much of what a 6th gen will be
Originally Posted by HufferSS View Post
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Not sure how I feel about the slope of the nose. It is far from ugly, but it may be one of those things that grows on ya. I like the vents and the rear looks sweet.

It would be very difficult to top the "Pop" the 5th gen had when it came back, so I'm sure I'll warm up to it.
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hmm....i dunno if it's just me, but i have an easier time getting over the new front bumper, than i did with the '14 rear bumper.
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I love all of the speculation on what it is....

The production company had the roads outside of the GM WTC closed off and some parts of the GM Warren Tech Center shut down for filming of Tranformers 4 recently. Pretty cools to see some of the cars ripping around.

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