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Arrow More Camaro ZL1 info!!!

We pretty much already know everything about about the ZL1,But I just got some more info. from GM Techlink I thought I'd pass along......

2012 Camaro ZL1 is the Most Powerful Production Camaro Ever
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The 2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1's supercharged 6.2L V8 engine is SAE-rated at 580 horsepower and 556 lb.-ft. of torque, making it the most powerful production Camaro ever.

The 2012 Camaro ZL1 surpasses the advertised power of the legendary 1969 Camaro ZL1 427 cubic-inch big block by more than 150 horsepower -- while meeting modern emissions requirements.

The ZL1's outstanding power is complemented by advanced powertrain and chassis technologies, including exclusive Performance Traction Management and a third-generation Magnetic Ride Control system. Track-capable standard equipment includes a high-performance fuel system as well as engine, transmission and differential coolers.

Supercharged V8

The ZL1 is equipped with a 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine (RPO LSA) (Fig. 2) that is rated at 580 horsepower and 556 lb.-ft of torque and is available with the standard six-speed manual (RPO MG9) or optional Hydra-Matic® 6L90 automatic (RPO MYD) transmission. This engine features an intercooled supercharger system and premium heat-resistant aluminum-alloy cylinder heads. It also features hypereutectic pistons with forged connecting rods, piston cooling oil squirters, standard oil cooler and deep sump oil pan.

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Its 1.9L Roots-style blower uses an efficient four-lobe rotor set and compact higher-efficiency intercooler to deliver boosted air into the high-flow cylinder heads.

An engine-oil cooler is identical to the system on the Corvette ZR1. The integral liquid-to-liquid system is so effective that vehicles with either the manual or automatic transmission are deemed to be fully track-capable with the standard factory-installed cooling package.

TIP: ZL1 performance parts have a break-in period. For the first 1,500 miles (2,414 km), avoid full-throttle starts and abrupt stops, do not exceed 4,000 engine rpm, avoid driving at any one constant speed, and do not drive above 80 mph (129 km/h). Following these break-in period guidelines will result in better performance in the long run.


The standard transmission for the ZL1 is the latest TREMEC (TR6060) 6-speed manual, which offers 30 percent more torque capacity than in the Camaro SS. The higher torque capacity results from a strengthened output shaft, high-strength rear housing, and additional roller bearing.

Similarly, the Hydra-Matic 6L90 6-speed automatic has been strengthened to handle the torque and horsepower produced by the 6.2L supercharged small block. The 6L90 features a strengthened input gearset with two additional pinion gears, additional clutch plate, and a strengthened output shaft and gearset.

The 6L90 transmission features three distinct drive modes calibrated for optimal fuel economy (Drive), more aggressive driving (Sport) and true manual control (Manual) with no automatic upshifts.

Dual-Mode Exhaust

The dual-mode exhaust of the ZL1 provides refined tuning (optimal noise and vibration characteristics) at low engine speeds and a low-restriction exhaust (enabling peak horsepower performance) at high engine speeds in one exhaust system. It utilizes a vacuum system similar to Corvette, coupled with twin valves located at the exhaust tailpipes.

Although both Corvette and Camaro use vacuum actuated exhaust valves, there are differences. In the Camaro, the control software resides in the chassis control module that contains other software, to reduce the number of modules in the vehicle.

The Corvette is calibrated to open the exhaust valves only during aggressive driving, when engine rpm and throttle position exceed certain values. The Camaro is also calibrated to be open during aggressive driving. In addition, it is calibrated to open the valves at engine idle and up to 1,000 rpm.

High-Performance Fuel System

The fuel pump and tank have been modified to maximize the amount of fuel available during high performance maneuvers. The system features additional fuel pickups on the primary side, and the secondary fuel pickup is moved outboard for continuous fuel access during high-G cornering under low fuel conditions.

TIP: Premium fuel is required.

Magnetic Ride Control™

The ZL1 suspension (Fig. 3) features the third-generation of Magnetic Ride Control (MRC). MRC employs valveless damping and magneto-rheological (MR) fluid technology. For the third-generation, MRC uses new twin-wire/dual-coil dampers at all four corners. The smaller dual-coil system -- with one coil at either end of the damper -- replaces the larger single-core design of the previous generation. The new dual-coil design enables faster response, with damping levels now adjusted up to 1,000 times per second - about one adjustment per inch of vehicle travel at 60 mph - making the system exceptionally responsive to changing driving and road conditions.

There are three settings for MRC in the ZL1: Tour, Sport, and Track.

Name:  zl1info3.jpg
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For a look at the tuning of the MRC system, click here.

Electrically Assisted Steering

Electrically Assisted Steering (EAS) is an innovative power-assist system connection between the ZL1 steering system and the engine. The assist power is applied directly to the rack with a belt drive and a ball nut mechanism. This design allows for lower inertia, lower friction and more direct steering feel, as well as superior response.

Performance Track Management

Exclusive to GM and first introduced on the Corvette ZR1, Performance Track Management (PTM) is a feature that tailors the performance of the ZL1 to match the driver's skills and driving conditions. This advanced system integrates Magnetic Ride Control, launch control, Traction Control and stability control. Five PTM performance levels or modes are available through the Driver Information Center.

To watch the development of the ZL1 launch control system, click here.

Brembo® Brakes

The ZL1 is equipped with a large, extremely robust, Brembo brake system (Fig. 4) with 6-piston front and 4-piston rear calipers and ventilated two-piece front and one-piece rear rotors.

TIP: Due to the floating design of the brake rotor, the front brake rotor cannot be refinished. If the front brake rotor is found to be at or below the minimum specification, it must be replaced.

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Click here for details on ZL1 endurance testing of the performance components.

Wheels and Tires

The ZL1 offers two 20-inch wheel options. Both designs are 20x10-inch front and 20x11-inch rear sizes.

Both wheels have larger tires mounted to them that contain a special rim protector. The rim protector, built into each tire, puts rubber over the aluminum of the outer rim for protection when parking. (Fig. 5)

Name:  zl1info5.jpg
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The Goodyear Eagle® F1 Supercar® Generation 2 (G:2) tires have been developed and optimized specifically for the ZL1 to yield outstanding handling while maintaining requisite street-tire performance for wet handling, tread wear, noise, mass and rolling resistance.

It is not recommended to use the high-performance summer tires when temperatures drop to approximately 40 degrees F (5 degrees C) or below. It is recommended these tires be stored indoors at temperatures above 20 degrees F (-7 degrees C) when not in use.

The ZL1 tires should not be rotated. They are corner specific by design. These tires are unique in their wear patterns. The outside shoulder may appear worn as compared to other tires.

Underbody Belly Pan

The ZL1 underbody incorporates a belly pan that helps reduce front lift. The shape was enhanced to draw air upward into the underbody area. This highly energized air provides extra cooling for underbody components affected by the additional exhaust thermal energy of the high-powered LSA engine.

The underbody belly pan will need to be removed before performing service work, including oil and filter changes.

Exterior Design

The front view of the ZL1 is highlighted by an aluminum hood with functional carbon fiber "mohawk" extractors. Carbon fiber provides strength, durability and low mass. The extractor is available in either black paint or exposed weave.

TIP: The black painted carbon fiber "mohawk" requires unique care when cleaning. Do NOT apply wax or polish to the flat black portion of the hood or extractors. Applying wax or polish to this portion of the hood will result in a cloudy haze to the finish. The optional exposed carbon fiber weave version can be waxed like the rest of the surface of the car.

The front fascia has a large lower splitter to reduce front lift and force air through the larger lower grille. (Fig. 6) The larger openings, splitter and hood extractor all combine for a significant increase in cooling capacity for the powertrain.

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The ground clearance of ZL1 is similar to a Corvette ZR1. This requires care when lifting, driving on inclines and approaching curbs.

Learn more about the aerodynamics of the ZL1 here.

Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI)

During PDI, remove the spring spacers (Fig. 7) from the front suspension and place them in the glove box for the customer. If the car is to be on a trailer for any reason, the spacers need to be placed back in the front springs to obtain ground clearance.

TIP: Initially, the Camaro front spring spacers will be black. In April, they will be made yellow for easier visibility.

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Before delivery, hand wash the car. Due to the larger width wheels, most car wash tracks will not accommodate the wider wheels

Lifting Precautions

Due to the low ground clearance, it's necessary to be extra careful when driving the vehicle onto a ramp (such as an alignment rack) or when using a hydraulic lift.

Lifts are not all alike. Heights, adjustability, dimensions, and floor contour can vary, so specific instructions are not possible. Compare the vehicle's dimensions with your lift or alignment rack to determine what accommodations are needed to lift the vehicle without damage.

To experience how everything on the ZL1 comes together, click here.

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Due to the floating design of the brake rotor, the front brake rotor cannot be refinished. If the front brake rotor is found to be at or below the minimum specification, it must be replaced. Wonder how much that is going to cost us!
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GM rotors are around 250 each corner... aftermarket 2 piece are a lot more...

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Originally Posted by tmandoug1 View Post
Due to the floating design of the brake rotor, the front brake rotor cannot be refinished. If the front brake rotor is found to be at or below the minimum specification, it must be replaced. Wonder how much that is going to cost us!
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Interesting piece about the Dual Mode Exhaust Control Module - wonder if that means the "Mild to Wild" will not be possible?

Also - it mentions that the valves will be open at Idle and upto 1,000RPM - which means the "Mild to Wild" may not even be necessary.
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I dont know enough about this so I will ask. Why not a 7 or 8 speed automatic?
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"The ground clearance of ZL1 is similar to a "Corvette ZR1". This requires care when lifting, driving on inclines and approaching curbs."

I'm more concerned about approach angle than ground clearance. Regarding the above statement, I have heard the ZL1 compared to the "Z06" NOT the "ZR1" with all its doodads hanging down in the front. Why the change or is someone misinformed?
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The spring spacers would make sense why we are seeing the car look lower in some pictures than others
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Wow...exciting stuff! I'm not in the market for a ZL1 but I wouldn't mind a one-night stand!
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uber heavy run flat Goodyear Eagle® F1 Supercar® Generation 2 (G:2) tyres?? really? Those heavy things would be the first thing I'd pull off!

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Could be wrong but I don't think they are run flats?
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Originally Posted by IOMZL1 View Post
Could be wrong but I don't think they are run flats?
I thought the same as you until I read this.....
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Originally Posted by ShnOmac View Post
I thought the same as you until I read this.....

Property damage, serious injury or death may result from: Tire failure due to under inflation or overloading. Consult your Vehicle Owner’s Manual, tire information placard or vehicle certification label for your vehicle’s tire inflation and load specifications.
  • Tire failure caused by excessive operation at low or zero inflation pressure.
  • Explosion of the tire/rim assembly due to improper mounting. Only specially trained persons should mount tires. More than 40 psi (270 kPa) may be required to seat beads. A safety cage and clip-on extension air hose must be used if more than 40 psi (270 kPa) is needed to seat beads.
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Originally Posted by PSP-SS View Post
I dont know enough about this so I will ask. Why not a 7 or 8 speed automatic?
give it a few more years. we've only recently begun to have 6 speed autos in our cars. 7 and 8 spds are just around the corner
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