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Old 06-08-2009, 08:22 PM   #1
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Sorry guys...

I'm considering buying a Grey (looks exactly like CGM) 2010 Mustang GT. Has premium package, electronics, remote start, comfort package, and is basically fully loaded. MSRP is $38,700.00

I really love the exterior look of the Camaro, absolutely beautiful. I also love how it comes with 20's, Tapshift, and remote start. Plus the 426 horses

However, the interior of the Camaro was a huge disappointment. It may not matter to some of you but I really hate how you can't get an electronics package in the Camaro, it almost feels like GM is getting lazy?

Also, I hate how the HID's won't run in harmony with the flood lamps, why not? What's wrong with that GM?

I haven't fully made up my mind, and maybe I'll wait until the 2011 Camaro comes out to see what GM can bring, but for now, I'm not buyin.

GM is my favorite American car company, and I love Chevy, but I may take Ford's side on this one.

Convince me otherwise?
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Why, if you are a Mustang lover, there really is nothing wrong with that.

It may be less powered and smaller and not worth as much in 10 years, but if you are happy, then hell, get one!!!

There really is nothing wrong with the Rustangs
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you have to go with what you like. no car is perfect, there's a lot the camaro could have differently that would make me happy.

if you think the mustang is better for you, then go for it!! we're all americans here, so nothing wrong with american muscle cars!! (even if it is a ford...)
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you are on a camaro forum...i say stick with the hottest looking car of the century!!
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Yep I'm back!
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I'm sorry but you don't buy a muscle car for the interior, just the way I see it. Well I guess u might but I don't.
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I agree that I would have liked to have seen a tech package on the Camaro. I was originally going to wait for the 2 door CTS but I fell in love with this car. If your really into the camaro, you'll go for a portable nav and your tech package is complete. The interior on the mustang is nothing to write home about... if anything I would argue it's too busy, like most ford interiors.
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Number 3
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I'm not sure I'd buy a car for NAV and having HIDs with the fogs. Wait, does the Mustang offer HIDs with fogs?

So if NAV is the reason for purchase and not performance, Mustang is the right choice.
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Go Blue!!!!!
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Do what you gotta do, but I love the interior on my Black 2SS. I will not try to convince you one way or the other. You have to please yourself and only you know what you will
be truly happy with. Kick it around, read some more posts. The answer will come to you. What you want to avoid is getting the new car and then seeing the other one after the fact and say to yourself, dam I made the wrong choice. Good luck.
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What kind of electronics do you want? The 2SS for the same price as that Mustang GT will include the C&C package, allowing for USB connection, Bluetooth, and aux port. Buttons come on the steering wheel. Even the upgraded Boston Acoustics sound system comes with it.

You can modify all of your other complaints with a little work. The HIDs could run with floods with a few wiring changes. I'm sure a kit will become available for this. In fact, I'm certain that there is a kit somewhere to swap your fog lights with HIDs that could probably be wired to go with your other HIDs. Be creative. Custom parts are the difference between a car and your car.

I'd hate to see you get in the inferior alternative because it is more high-tech inside, but I can't make the decision for you. If that is your choice, we'll be seeing you in our rearview mirrors. It would be different if you were committed to the Mustang brand, but your loyalty is with GM. Buy what you love and do what you need to make it right for you.
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Get what you want! Thats seems to be the theme of this forum. Doesn't need to be a Camaro. If you get the Mustang, enjoy it! It's an awesome car!
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Old 06-08-2009, 08:34 PM   #11
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Every time I sit in a 5thgen I feel like a 12 year old version of me checking out a '97 F-body SS. Love it.
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I'm the exact opposite, the thing that turns me off the mustang is it's interior. The mustang interior is so "Ford parts bin" materials. The center stack in particular with the stereo looks HORRIDLY cheap.
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I have to say, the interior on the Mustang is flat and bland and unappealing, nothing has changed. It looks like every other Ford to me. If that's what you want then get it by all means. I just think the interior on the Camaro is much nicer, more innovative. If you're mad because you can't pull the deck out and put in a Sony (or whatever) then get the mustang. Why do you need to drive around with fog lights on anyway, is it foggy year round?
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Originally Posted by Bawt View Post
I'm considering buying a Grey (looks exactly like CGM) 2010 Mustang GT.
Well yeah, but it won't be cyber grey.

Seriously though, I wouldn't buy any car based on an electronics package. All that crap will be out-dated in about what, six months? You're lucky if you take delivery before then.
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