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Mark T
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I think this noise is inherently built in.

2014 1LE.

My "pop" seems to show up while backing out the driveway and as soon as I cut the wheel to back into the road. To me it appears and feels like the front right side of the car. More of a clunk than a pop.

And yes, since day one. But I cannot get any other feedback than the sound. So now I back out around 2 to 3 mph and the pop ceases to recur. But sometimes I forget.
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Same here. 1LE. Happens in colder weather, only when reversing and with the front wheels turned (typically as i reverse out of a parking spot). Sounds like it's coming from the front - actually at first I thought it was my tires slipping on the painted lines in the lot.
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Old 06-30-2018, 01:23 PM   #17
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I know I’m reviving a pretty old thread here but hoping for some assistance. Yesterday when I was backing out to go to work my car made a loud popping noise from the drivers side wheel well. I pulled back in to my driveway and was able to duplicate it a couple of times before it stopped. Initially I thought it was a rock stuck somewhere as I found a large-ish rock laying in the driveway after. It ultimately stopped and I drove to work with no issues. Later that evening when I left work, again backing out, I heard it again.

Last night I tried to duplicate it and couldn’t. So this morning when I backed out of my driveway I didn’t hear the sound...then about a mile down the road I went to turn and heard it again.

There doesn’t seem to be any consistent pattern to when to happening other than I’m usually turning at the time (but it’s not every time).

I have no mods on my car yet and the only thing I did was wash it the night before the popping stared. I know popping can happen when brakes get wet but it’s been over 48 hours since so I would think they’d be dry. It’s in the 60’s here right now and has been mostly dry.

Edit: apologies as I also noticed this is the 1LE forum. I’ll post in the SS forum.
2015 Camaro SS (1ss w/ RS Package - L99 Engine) - Former Pace Car - Marysville, WA
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I get it here in Florida too when backing out of my driveway and it definitely seems to be a suspension or a chassis pop
Only does it once and seems to be in the front and happens as I back out of the driveway as the rear suspension compresses from dropping into the rain gutter
Magnuson Supercharged 2015 1LE RS/SS
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