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Old 11-15-2011, 10:14 AM   #267
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always something better/faster. Why get the 2012 Zl1 when they will update in 2013 but why get the 2013 cause the 2015 SS is going to be killer...... Everyone needs to calm down and buy the car that stirs their soul. I am a road course guy and I think the ZL1 will be much better at that. Im glad Ford has addressed a lot of issues/ complaints from the 07-11 models that consumers noted. People also need to stop comparing the car to a ZR1 lol. No way it can compete with a 2 seater coupe that weighs 3200lbs. This car is meant for 2+2 coupes m3/RS4/jags/aston martin's etc. I think what Ford is doing is pretty sweet and they finally changed those ugly tailights.

At least GM has something to strive for with the z/28.
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Did not notice this thread already before starting a similiar one for discussion, however, I will say this...if there is an increase in HP for the 2013 ZL1 to be in comparison to the Ford than you can almost take to the bank a few thousand more dollars tacked on to the price they already gave us for the 2012 plus any dealer options, optional eq, taxes, etc...ITS TIME TO WATCH THE CHIPS FALL...not gonna do anything now until I see if a Z28 is possible.
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[QUOTE=toilets;4019958]Im sorry but I would be PISSED OFF if I had a 2012 GT500 and this 2013 came out. a 100 flipping more horsepower and all these gadgets to boot!? Where is the law where manufacturers could only change small things in a 5 year production run?

I just bought mine two months ago, I went in with eyes wide open, pulley change and tune for less 1K will get me same power, add TVS for under 4k and make big power or leave it alone. I enjoy my daliy driver and nothing remains stock for long, can't wait until both cars hit the street, its going to be fun!!
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Originally Posted by el ess X View Post
It's official. Now I must wait and buy a Shelby. Sorry GM, but again, you'll be behind the eight ball.......

BUWHAAA hahaha! I'm kidding! I don't care if the mustang had 1650 HP, I'm not driving, let alone buying, no ugly car.
You got me man.....I couldn't believe what I was reading from you at first.
"BBOMG - More than just a car show.... It's an experience!"
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I am Happy with the performance, price and looks of the ZL1. Now if I think I need to compete with the GT500 next year Lingenfelter can upgrade my ZL1 to 650 HP for $4,895.00 and I bet it will still be cheaper than the 2013 GT500.
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Old 11-15-2011, 10:41 AM   #272
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At the end of the day this Shelby is still a Ford. The ZL1 is much more reliable for the simple fact that it's a Chevrolet.

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UCI CamaroFan
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I will be honest. I own a camaro, I'm die hard camaro, but I want this shelby more than the ZL1.
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Rice Killer
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Originally Posted by Shurenuff View Post
This is a lame response and not one I'm going to pretend is a satisfactory solution. Everyone who get's their ass handed to them says this.

Unless Chevy offers an aftermarket upgrade through GM Performance that still maintains the factory warranty (similar to how Ford does with allowing you to swap out superchargers to make more power and still be covered by the manufacturer), it's like comparing apples to oranges. Speaking of which, it would be really nice if they did offer us performance upgrades like that while supporting the warranty. Step your game up GM.
Some aftermarket upgrades from GM that left the warranty intact would be fantastic! I'm hoping...
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A GM nut-swinger!
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I want to see the handling numbers, forget the stright line BS.
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The IOM Ninja
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Originally Posted by GM4lyfe View Post
I want to see the handling numbers, forget the stright line BS.
straight line racing is for the inbred and people who's cars can't turn. Mostly the first thing.
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Originally Posted by Blue Maro Demon View Post
Not to mention Ford actually has made the new Mustangs tail lights look good again. They arent the hideous lights that they had the last two years.
I highly disagree with this statement.

I think the tail lights on the 2013's look even more ridiculous than they do now, based on the photos in the linked article. Ford really SHOULD be stepping up their game, also. The Mustang has been outsold for the last two years, despite the 2010 redesign and 2011 power increase. The 2013 lineup includes the kind of major steps they need to get back their marketshare. The question is: Will it be enough?
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Rice Killer
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The car is a car accident waiting to happen IMO. Unless traction control can't be turned off..
#1451 - 2012 ZL1 - White, Black Wheels, Manual, Suede Package, and Exposed Hood Insert. Delivered on 6/20/12. Thanks to Jason from Symdon Motors in Evansville, WI.
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Originally Posted by kaneda View Post
All of the R&D that went into the Boss 302 has made its way into the Shelby. From what Car and Driver said (they drove it) they say the handling is much better than even the 2011 SVT Shelby. Let's face it, the ZL1 is outmatched now in EVERY CATEGORY. Go ahead and claim the ZL1 looks better - which is subjective. In all objective performance categories, the Shelby is king. What a sad, sad day to be a ZL1 fanboy.

If you've just come here to gloat, I suggest you get out of here and take another ride on the train.
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Well, other than their own press release saying "It might just seem like we're putting a bigger engine into the car." But come on, that would just be ludicrous to assume it's nothing more than the life-size equivalent of an Estes model rocket or a Mustang with a Wily E. Coyote-style rocket strapped to it.
Because Ford's added all sorts of other stuff to help manage all that power and torque — you know, like 19-inch front and 20-inch rear wheels coupled with Goodyear Eagle® F1 SuperCar G: 2 tires on all vehicle configurations and a Torsen limited-slip differential.

Well, Ford'll add that Torsen limited-slip diff if you order the optional Performance Package.

Oh, you didn't order the optional Performance Package? Then yeah, it's pretty much just a giant honkin' engine strapped onto a 3,850 lb. muscle car. But don't worry — it'll go purdy damn fast in a straight line.

And I thought they had problems hooking now.... Can you imagine what it will be like without the Performance package??
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