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Old 05-07-2019, 07:28 PM   #15
Shadow Gray '19 ZLE M6
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Just get another ZL1. Chances are that one won't have problems. And they're (IMO) the best bang for the buck, period.
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I like American V8s, but out of the cars mentioned Iíd go with a GTR. They all have their cons and Iíve read of too many engine problems and ticking noises to even consider a Mustang. Itís too bad you feel the engine problems with the ZL1 canít be resolved. Hang out on some other forums before making another jump.
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C63 AMG.
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If you like hearing the engine wind out and make great noise then the Shelby GT 350s are fun. Down on torque compared to the LT4 but have a lot of character, use the Tremec 6 speed and fun to wind out to 8000 rpm. Also, the Shelbys are not a dime a dozen on the street. The downside is that you can get similar performance from a lower cost Mustang GT with Performance Pack.

Hellcat is great of course but and the look is evidently timeless since it is still going after 12 years since they brought it back. Lots of attitude with those cars, widebody for sure. The Redeye is nice but I am not sure it is worth all the extra coin. The space is great. In fact, I hear a lot of the guys prefer the Charger Hellcat. Something about 707hp and 4 doors. Pass on the manuals in the Dodges though. The ZF8 is the better transmission in these cars.

I would pass on the GTR. It is cool but I think you will find it lacks the fun of the ZL1 and Z06. If I had to choose between a GTR and Telsa M3 Performance, I would take the Tesla.

I have a 2019 Grand Sport vert with M7. Not as much horsepower but I think it is perfect for the street. Top down, ripping through the gears and listening to the NPP exhaust wail. The handling in the GS is obviously just like the Z06 with a little less drama as you can put all the power down.

If you can wait for the reveal of the new C8 Corvette. Mid-engine, probably 500hp, true DCT and probably start for $70k. If you only want the high-end model then have to wait for the 1000hp Z06 model.

If you really want to go nuts. Get a Miata and stick one of those LS3 conversions in it.
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Lol, what happened to your car? Sounds serious. Mine was just in for a failed oil pump at 7k miles.
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...but as I've found out, there is no perfect car or ownership experience. The Porsche dealers **** you over way worse than GM in most cases, they just do it while you sip on a Starbuck Coffee and you cruise around in a Macan loaner.

Pick your poison but there is no better deal on a track worthy car with a Warranty than a C7 GS or C6 Camaro ZL1/1LE.
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I have had a BMW M3 and two Mustangs as you can see, I would not go back to both. Too many problems. This is my first new GM product and no problems. So this one is a good one compared to my past.

Get a C63 AMG. It is a four door and lots of fun
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Doomed from the start: 1LE with manual for daily driver.


1. HC Redeye widebody-- great room for you and your family and very, very fun. You can get a separate track car if that is important.

2. New Mustang GT 500. Should have all the power you need as well as handling.

3. A 2018 ZL1 with the A10. There are exceptional deals available and this is a spectacular car so far (7600 mi. and 1 year).

4. 2019 M5 Competition--used if you can find it, but some are seeing discounts of 10% on new ones now. This will be the most versatile car. This was the car I had on order before I purchased the ZL1.

Before my current car I had a F10 BMW 550i M-Sport w/Dinan AND a 2014 yellow/black stripes loaded Viper GTS. I prefer the ZL1 A10 to both, except for the cargo hauling capacity of the BMW.

Good luck with your search!
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Originally Posted by MaskedRacerX View Post
If you go HC or HC Redeye, get a widebody - not only does it look __much__ better, but it improves the handling quite a bit (I'd take a HC widebody over a Redeye, if the latter was the standard body).

If you like handling, unique, and aren't married to a 4-seater, I'd seriously look into the last generation Viper.

... or really change it up and do something like a 911TT (I realize that's not a V8, not American, and the engine is in the wrong end, but it's a spectacular vehicle).
Is a "wide body" like the Demon with the Nissan Truck fender flares? They look stupid.
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Originally Posted by 396ssrat View Post
Is a "wide body" like the Demon with the Nissan Truck fender flares? They look stupid.
I think they work well with the car's design and old school styling, and allowing for a 305 at all four corners that totally changes the stance. Look, I'm not some bumble**** Cletus that "Do like them big ol' fenders"

I have some fundamental grasp of automotive design (design background, a number of winning show cars), and get that they're not a full fender replacement, but in the case of the Challenger - they work - both aesthetically and functionally.
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Wow, I've had my Camaro for 3.5 years. Finally broke the motor last year after 180 passes down the track and 12,500 miles and lots of boost. Still have the original tranny, rear, axles. This year I've made about 16 passes at 14 lbs of boost, still all good. Sorry you've had so many problems.
2016 Camaro 6.2, Magnuson 2650 Heartbreaker, RotoFab, Lt4 short block (stock) BTR Cam kit, stock heads, stock trans/converter/diff. Kentshotrodgarage (M/T,Hoosier, Racestar Wheels), RPM RB, DSS, Gforce, Griptec Pulley Best 9.41@146 Best MPH 149 1/4 5.99@119 Best MPH 120 Best 60' 1.35.
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2018 ZL1 1LE
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From reading some of your post and seeing other cars you have owned, you need to stay American Muscle. Yes, the GTR is a badass car, and although it sounds great, it still lacks the muscle car feel. I would suggest looking at and test driving a Gen 4/5 Viper. It is a raw American muscle car, it has classic muscle car lines besides looking unique too. The V10 packs plenty of power, pull and torque and demands a drivers respect. It took me several months of owning one before getting comfortable with the bones and capability of the car. However, sorry to see you leave so soon...
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I don’t know if it has to be modern but I also have a 14 GT500. I’d say that right now is a good time to get one while they are not expensive and can be found with low miles. I haven’t done anything to mine because I don’t mod. You can get power very easy from them they are really great cars.
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