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Originally Posted by Rolo View Post
I've noticed there are a lot of used 2017 V8 convertibles at, usually about 20k miles, in the $35k range. However, in most cases they are former rental/fleet cars.
1. is the GM warranty transferrable if the car is a former rental/fleet car?
2. is this a good value, or can I find a similar/better deal elsewhere?
This would be a nights/weekend car (about 6k miles per year).
Rentals get abused
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Pretty sure GM did not offer the Camaro for rental/fleet sales beginning with the 2016 model.
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Originally Posted by MrChrisLS3 View Post
Pretty sure GM did not offer the Camaro for rental/fleet sales beginning with the 2016 model.
Sorry, but you can rent a 6th gen Camaro from most rental companies.
This is Hertz
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Originally Posted by MrChrisLS3 View Post
Pretty sure GM did not offer the Camaro for rental/fleet sales beginning with the 2016 model.
I rented a 5th gen convertible from Alamo in Downtown Disney a few years ago and just recently, my son's mom rented a 2017 convertible SS from Hertz.

That being said, I worked for a couple rental car companies in my younger days. Under no circumstances would I ever buy a previous rental car. I could type until my fingers are bloody about all the things I've seen done to rentals. Buying a previous rental vehicle is like walking in a proposing to the employee of the year at a Vegas brothel.
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but she WAS the employee of the year,must have had something going on to be employee of the year.
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+1 on never buying a rental. I use a rental car 20 times per year on average. There is a nice 6th gen at one of the lots I frequently rent from. It reminds me of going to an animal shelter. I see the abused 6th gen sitting in the crummy lot just wondering how the hell it ended up here surrounded by Hyndai Elantras. I want to take it home, but can't..
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My current car was a rental (it's a V6) and I'm looking to upgrade to the Gen6 V8 convertible. Looks like there's several of them in the area but ALL 1SS's have been rentals. They must have just unloaded a whole shit-ton of them into the local area. It's soooo tempting because the prices are very attractive but I get worried that the stigma associated with them would make it difficult to sell some day down the road? My local contact at the car dealership doesn't seem too worried. He looks up the warranty info and it would be under warranty for 2 more years and 24,000 more miles. If the body looks good and there's no damage or repaired damage should be good-to-go?? I know I'm going to mash the crap out of the pedal when I'm driving it
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I would never buy any type of "sport" car that was a rental, doesn't matter if it's a v8, v6, or 4 banger. This is coming from someone that runs a repair shop that repairs fleet cars exclusively.

I would be worried about how the cars are dogged when rented, but the bigger worry is the repairs that have been done to them. We have cars roll through all the time that were damaged and spray painted to try to pass the drop off inspection, then repaired improperly and they get rejected and sent to our shop. Also all of the repairs aren't always "on the books" so to speak in terms of catching incidents on carfax, so you really have no clue what all has been done to the vehicle. I've sanded down bumpers before that look fine other than whatever damage is being fixed, only to find out the car has been painted 3 times prior to us receiving it...personally that just bothers me when it comes to my own vehicles.
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Meh. I rented one from LAX last year and ripped around Malibu and some runs on fun back roads (Mulholland...)

It ran great and never missed a beat. Everything worked very well, no signs of abuse - though surely it had been used hard - I couldn't tell and I put it through it's paces.

I drive my own vehicles hard, more often than not.

Yeah I'd be cautious buying a rental. Maybe take the chance if you verify the history as much as possible - have it inspected by a 3rd party, Worse case things break - you've got warranty, and the lemon law in your favor.
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I bought my Camaro from a Chevy dealer that we found out during the paperwork process it had been a rental. BUT I got the GM certification on it and I'm so glad I had that.

First it is a 2015 convertible yellow with black stripes and top, and we had the top down the first couple days of driving. Coming home late from a kids ball game we drove it with the top up and one of the tires sounded like it was a 4wd. Cupped very badly. Went back to the dealer and had to raise a storm and had to call another one of their locations before the used car manager agreed to replace the tire. Wanted 200 for the other tire but I was mad and wasn't giving him anymore money. They replaced the one tire and I stopped in at the local shop I deal with and had them get me another tire. The next day my wife took the car up there to get it installed and he sent me pics of the rims on the passenger side. Both with big bends in them. So back to the dealer to get that fixed, which they did without much argument. Had a wheel guy come in and straighten them. All good I guess. Thought the car had been curbed but that was it.
Then after three months of owning it I went to wax it for the first time. Passenger side on the lower part under the gills(?) I noticed paint runs. Car is yellow so hard to see. I went back up to the jerk used car manager. He said he would go to bat for me and contact the higher ups. Two weeks later still hadn't got a good answer. But I opened a ticket with GM certified. Then went to the car wash and a huge chunk of paint came off the front fender on the passenger side. Back to the dealer and the used car guy said he would let me know something soon. I went home and called GM certified and opened a ticket with them again because they said I didn't return their call and they closed the first ticket. The dealer offered me $650 and I had to sign off on the car. I said no and relayed the info to GM who then got more involved. I ended up getting them to pay for the whole passenger side of the car and front bumper repainted. The fender only had the etching primer from the factory and wasn't even prepped right. It was a third party body shop so I feel good that it was properly done this time. Although when re-mounting the trunk lid it caught the body in the corner and had to have them touch it back up.
I have the extended warranty and the car seems fine except for that fiasco. If it wasn't the yellow car I'm sure I would have noticed the runs on inspection, but man that paint can hide some stuff. The body shop guy was even able to point some stuff out that I missed even after knowing it wasn't right.

Would I do it again? I don't know. Surely I would go over it with more of a fine tooth comb. But there weren't any other yellow convertibles with low miles around that we could find. The car has ran great. Well I did have to have the gas pedal replaced, but I don't think a driver could cause that. I am still thinking of replacing the 19 inch wheels with some 20's and get rid of the stigma I have with the wheels. Winter and summer tires sound good to me.
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