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clutch overheat? also trouble nailing this 60ft

So my last pass of the night had a good 60ft going and then when I grabbed 2nd the car would not go passed it was hitting an invisible rev limiter and bouncing off it. Also there was a horrible clutch smell. I hot lapped it like a dumb ass cause the run before my 2step didn't activate. (mix matched my 1000 and 100 settings) Was it just to hot? Seemed okay on the way home and it wasn't the 2 step getting stuck cause I tested that again to.

Also with these 60foots.. I am running the et streets radial not the pro or r. I have tried different psi,different 2step settings, different burnouts and cannot do better than 2.0. Am i fighting a losing battle with the stock gears and the big cam? I think my sweet spot is leaving at 3k rpm but still think it should be alot better number for a big cam car. Anything over 3k blows the tires off completely. Even at zmax on a prepped track last weekend
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