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Originally Posted by Eddiefuzz View Post
You should center the exhaust tips while your waiting for the weather to clear up. Great Dog.
I'm sorry but this one cracked me up...

...and yes beautiful dog there.
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Originally Posted by JCunningham View Post
according to the weather channel around here I wont see my car till May
Sadly you are probably right... Winter isn't going away soon
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I grew up in Ohio, and in 1978 the Ohio river froze for only the second time in the 20th century. Know what I did in 1979? I MOVED TO SUNNY CALIFORNIA! And I'm still here.
I feel a whole lot more like I do now than I did before...RIP, Karl Rieger
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Old 03-04-2014, 06:48 PM   #18
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Waiting............waiting...........waiting...... .....

Gonna take a chance and bring er outta storage the end of the month.
1 of 56
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You all know what's worse than waiting on snow to melt before you can take your car out?? Living in Florida and having to wait for Mods to get installed! It's killin me! lol, But at least it's only a week and not months. Tic Toc...
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This is the longest winter I can remember. It's March 5th, barely out of the single digits, 2 feet of snow covering everything, every street has 2" tall frost heaves that feel like speed bumps and 8" deep giant potholes you have to swerve to avoid falling into. The brine they spread on the streets creates a slippery snotty slurry that dries on your car and feels like 60 grit sand paper. I literally can not drive out of my neighborhood without getting the car filthy. Tonight we are forecast for 3" of snow, nothing for 4 days, then another 3" on Saturday.

It just won't stop, ever, it's like The Terminator.
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