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Repeated MAF failures, but why???

Hey everyone. I hope someone can help. I have a 2012 Camaro SS conv. with a stage 3 (cam, springs, headers, tune, etc.) from Vengeance. It was running fine for several years, but now it keeps throwing a P0102 code. I've smoked the engine looking for vacuum leaks (none), filter is not over oiled, T pinning the wires shows all good (5v fine, etc.). However, this is now the 3rd MAF that works for 50 miles. Then I get a CEL, the code again, and the flow says 0 g/s when I check the real time data stream. I can't find any scraped wires, blown fuses, etc. And yes, the rear O2 sensors are off. HELP PLEASE!
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To confirm I am understanding this correctly, the 5v reference at the MAF is fine, but the signal out seems to be MIA? Have you relocated any wiring where you could be having some EM interference? If you disconnect the battery for a while, then reconnect, does it read the MAF sensor again, even if just for a bit? If you try cleaning the MAF does it come back at all?
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I had a similar issue where the MAF circuit blew a fuse. (I think it was #14)

If you follow the maf harness, you'll see where it meets the main harness right behind the tensioner pulley. GM used these metal clips to strap the wiring harness to the cylinder head with a bolt. The harness is covered in wiring loom, but my loom had dry rotted and cracked, leaving the wiring exposed to this metal clip. I found a tiny little portion of the MAF wire exposed and rubbing on the metal clip. I wrapped it with electrical tape, fabricated a new harness loom ( 7/8 heater hose cut length wise and wrapped around wires), secured the new hose loom to the metal clip and replaced the blown fuse. It has never happened again.

Sounds like a wiring issue to me.
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