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just got my headers, decided to replace my oxygen sensors as a JIC

my car is a 2010 v6 auto. Can anyone help me out with a specific parts number(I believe I need two acdelco 213-4574 and one each of 213-4575 and 213-4576) (I want to replace all four as my engine is at 150k) to make my search easier?

I also need to order 12" extension harness I know for the downstream sensors. Any suggestions for rockauto on that part too if it's there? I figure I should order it all in one go from there if possible.

Also, would adding some mini cats(the O2 sensor extenders with catalytic converter material inside) to the install be a boon to or a waste of money?

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Don't fix what isn't broke. If you're not throwing any O2 codes, leave them alone.

IF you're throwing P0420/30 codes, you only need spacers on the downstream
sensors. I had to use them with my hi-flow catted down-pipes, and they CANNOT
be Bosch sensors. I had one of those, and that side would not stop throwing
a p0430 code. I put in a factory sensor, and fixed what the lot that sold me the
car could not do in TEN weeks. They just blatently lied about putting all new
O2 sensors in, and said they were AC Delco. Nope, they did nothing with them,
and drilled two holes in the tip Bosch sensor. That caused heater and low
voltage codes on top of P0430...

The Upstream calculates your A:F ratios. The downstream monitor the efficiency
of the primary cats. The secondaries are not monitored, and mine are gone.
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